Bindura Baller’s!

Hey guys,

So according to the headlines a lot of ballin’ has been happening.
Last Monday we went to a nearby University and played a pick up game
with some students and an old China man! After the game we invited him
to church and he said he’d come! So sick! I’m so bad at basketball
now! The next Saturday we were invited to play against some guys in
our DL’s area. They invited investigators to come play and it was
quite the turnout! I was still pretty bad, but it was a lot of fun! We
were then invited to play today against Bindura high school in a
scrimmage, we’re going to get destroyed! I mean, I hope not. We’ve
actually been winning our games haha. After every game we always just
talk to them and casually invite them to church or have discussions
with the missionaries, it’s a really great experience.

Trojan is still kind of an issue. People just aren’t comin’ out to
church! Members and non members alike. We’re really pushing it now! A
blessings to our patience we’ve been invited to attend the nearby
farm’s shed meeting. It’s where the whole community discusses issues
and we’ve been given some space to introduce ourselves in two weeks!
It’ll be so cool, and I think it’ll really help with the situation
that’s going on right now. People will have the chance to meet us and
know what we’re really about. It actually came as a blessing of
service. Last Saturday we offered to help one of our members in his
farm to collect his chibage. We loaded some bags in to the back of a
cart pulled by two big cows! On the way back we rode the cart and it
was just sweet! After helping him out is when we discovered he is
actually a village chief and wants us at the next shed meeting. Yes!
It’s unplanned service opportunities like these that can really build
trust and confidence with the members.

Well we don’t really have a lot of interesting things happening with
our investigators at the moment Things are kind of slow. I’ll let you
know when we have some upcoming baptisms! I know that despite the
disappointments we’re facing right now, we’re laying a foundation for
a brighter future with this branch. Because this area is probably my
last, I’m doing my best that I leave it all on the floor and have no

Stay blessed and remember to keep pressing forward!

Much love,
Elder Robison


Trojan and stuff like that.

Hey guys,

Sorry for the dumb headline, it’s kind of an inside joke haha.

Well I guess it was a pretty cool week. The weather is nice, still
finding new investigators. I really can’t complain. We are now
starting to meet in the community center in Trojan instead of Bindura
town now which is a blessing. Except for the fact that the community
center looks like it was built in the 50’s! Haha it’s pretty run down.
It’s got lot’s of rooms so we’re not the only church who uses that
place. During our meeting you’ll hear people praying, speaking in
tongues, singing and clapping hands and stuff haha. It’s not terribly
loud but it’s definitely a nuisance. There were only about 30 members
in attendance and we started an hour late sooo I think some changes
are in order. I also had to teach the young men which was funny. I
totally wasn’t expecting it. I just taught them about faith. Just
opened the scriptures and stuff. Do you know how hard it is to talk
about faith for 45 minutes? Haha, it’s okay it all worked out. I think
there was a little bit of miscommunication about the changes so next
week will be better.

I’ve tried to show members how much of a miracle it is that we’re now
meeting in Trojan again. We even got approval to build a chapel there!
Then members are just like “ok”. I’m just like “okay? Okay?! Yeah this
is great news! Why aren’t you excited?” It’s irritating but I’m trying
to teach a certain principle here. In D&C 130:20-21 it says ” There is
a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this
world, upon which all blessingsare predicated— And when we obtain any
blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is

God is a God of miracles. I have seen those miracles in my life
everyday. I’m here to testify that when we are obedient to God’s
commandments blessings will follow. God has been side by side with us
in this great work in Trojan. He knows it’s struggles, and He knows
the hearts of all the members. I know that as we continue to press
forward with all diligence, we can do even greater miracles here.

I realized I haven’t sent anything spiritual for a while so there ya
go. I’m still pressing forward, I don’t doubt this is God’s work.

Much love,
Elder Robison


Hey guys,

So it’s been a heck of a weak! I’ll start off with one miracle that
happened on Saturday. There was a woman we contacted a while ago named
Mai Tino. We didn’t know how interested she was, but something kept
telling us to look for her. She lives in the depths of a village
called Manhenga like 45 minutes drive away from church. It’s a dollar
for a transport there, then a dollar back. Let me just tell you this
woman is my hero! We finally were able to meet with her. She lives in
a tiny room with two of her little sons. Her story is that she
actually has 6 children, and her husband ran away for her her to just
fend for herself. After the lesson she promised to come to church
before we could even invite her. She was so prepared! No one from that
side even comes to church because it is just so dang far! On Sunday
she was right on time! She is my hero!

More miracles! Trojan branch has been a struggle because Trojan is far
from town and that is where we meet for services. The branch is dead
haha. We had about 20 come to church last Sunday. It’s been like this
for some months, but that very day one humble soul decided to give the
sacrifice that other’s couldn’t, so Trojan is now going to meet in
Trojan again! It’s a miracle. And soon they’re going to start work on
a chapel! Yes! Prayers have been answered, and dreams fulfilled. No
excuses now haha. Everyone’s gotta come back to church!

A little bit of the fun side is we went fishing this morning haha.
Sooo siiick. The water was infested with crocs, and we had an old man
show us how it’s done! Bucket list Check!

Have Miracles ceased?! Moroni thinks otherwise!

Don’t doubt! Only believe!

Much love,
Elder Robison

Hey, hey!

Hey guys,

Short email! Sorry but last week was transfers and today I’m in Harare
for MLC so Pakaipa! Everything in Bindura is great. It’s super
beautiful there. Lot’s of mountains and lakes and rivers and stuff.
Pictures really don’t suffice. I’ll have to send you a bunch next week
because I didn’t bring my flash! My new companion is called Elder
Kunene from South Africa. Really cool guy, going home next transfers
haha. I’m back in a truck (yeeesss), so life is right now is in 4WD
and full speed ahead!

I really miss you guys, and I apologize for the short email.
Everything is fine and I’m still kicking.

Keep the faith!

Much love,
Elder Robison


Hey guys,

I’m leaving Kadoma! Saaaad, I’m gonna miss that place! I made some
great friends there. And what makes it even sadder is that we were
supposed to have 5 baptisms last Sunday but they all got delayed to
next Sunday so I can’t see any of my converts get baptized. It’s okay
now, because I’m in Bindura! This place is like… the same. It’s hot,
dusty and really small. My area is called Trojan. It’s a mining
community on a hill, it looks really, really cool. I’ll send some
pictures next time. Well the work here is kind of tough because Trojan
is pretty far from the chapel and there are hardly any members who
live there. Also my companion and I are brand new and so we don’t know
where to go or who to see! Pakaipa!

Well not much can be said, my time is limited since I couldn’t write
to you on Monday. On Monday I played golf one last time with Brother
Jakarasi! Soo cool. I’m really gonna miss that family. I think I’ll
just sum up my entire Kadoma experience with a few pictures.

I’m entering my final stretch! 3 transfers to go!

Much love,
Elder Robison


Hey guys,

Well it’s been a pretty good week. We had lots of lessons, extended
lots of baptismal dates, we had a marriage, we had a baptism, and I
got to speak to you guys yesterday! Blessed. It’s been a very good
week and it ended on a good note. Today we even played golf!

Maybe I can start with the marriage. Brother and Sister Chirenda
finally got married on Saturday. It was a great success, and it went
exactly the way they wanted to. I’ve actually never seen Brother
Chirenda so happy. We had a few members show up and it was just really
special. Their baptism will be next week. We’re praying that they will
be ready by that day.

After the marriage on Saturday we visited a member’s home with our
District Leader to do an interview for her 9 year old son. Nkululeko
Shumba (Liberation Lion). He got baptized yesterday. He’s a super cool
kid who knows English really well so he made things very easy. His mom
is a very devoted member and loves teaching her kids the Gospel. She
has another 5 year old and a 1 year old. Next is her husband! We’re
trying to land some time to meet with him so he can be united with his
family at church.

After all of the success we had a bit of a lackluster turnout at
church, but it’s okay. I’ll still be patient with our work. I know
we’re doing our best and that’s all the Lord requires. Then I was able
to skype you guys! Sorry if I wasn’t able to answer all of your
question’s, I guess you’ll just have to ask them in person when I get
back hehe.

Today was another golf day. I should be grateful for that blessing
haha you’re right. It was kind of an off day until the last two holes.
On the last two I had a par 4 and par 3, Woohoo! That felt super good
after a long and disappointing day. It included a few cool putts from
far away.

I know most of this email you already knew but I guess it’s a good
overview in writing. Looking forward to this last week of the transfer
then on to my 15 transfer as a missionary… yikes.

Much love,
Elder Robison

Crazy Lady!

Hey guys,

So some weird stuff has been happening around here for the last few
days. First off we teach a huge group of kids then in the middle of it
this large man busts through the crowd then grabs one kid by the
shirt, gives him a few beatings then throws him in the car. I was kind
of nervous and it happened so fast. I asked the kids who that was and
they said it was that boys, girlfriends dad. It turns out that kid
beat up his girlfriend and the dad wasn’t very happy about it (not

Another crazy thing happened the very next day when we were coming
down a turn we normally turn on when this crazy lady see’s us. We try
turning left then right as she was approaching to get out of her way,
but she wouldn’t let me pass. As she got to the car, she put her hands
on the hood and started shouting at us. She then starting beating the
car so I started reversing fast. I saw she was running so instead of
reversing I decided to go forwards. I skidded in to drive then turned
out of the way on to another road and she kept running at us haha. It
was so insane, we didn’t know what the heck was going on. No damage to
the car or to ourselves, so it’s okay haha.

Not minutes later when we got out of the car, we parked at a familiar
street. Soon all these little kids started running at us like they
always do shouting “Murungu!” I didn’t think anything of it. Then one
of them asks me to lift him up in the air, so I did (which was a
mistake, because if you do it to one, you have to do it to all of
them) and they all start chanting “Again! Again! Again!” it was really
cute. My companion has a video of all these kids chanting. I wish I
could send it but the file is too big :(.

In this email I really want to let you in on some of the new people
we’re teaching. One of them I have to tell you about is Brother Semba.
Cool dude! He’s like 60 years old, and accepted everything we had to
say. Piece of cake! He’s just so humble and teachable, he’s
incredible. We didn’t waste any time and invited him to be baptized on
the 28th of May, he said “That’s too late Elders, my wife and I need
to be baptized now!” We need to teach him some things, but he’s
totally ready. People keep walking in on the lessons, and he’s just
inviting more and more people to hear us teach. Seriously cool guy.

There is also another amazing lady we are teaching called Sister
Chauruka. She recently went through a divorce and is facing some tough
times trying to raise her kids. She’s been going church to church
thinking they could solve her problems. She was doing this until the
night we met her. She was very against our message, and what we had to
say. I think I’ve told you about her before, but we calmly answered
all her questions and asked her to pray about the Book of Mormon and
about Joseph Smith. Well that’s what she did! And you know what, she
got her answer! After reading the BoM with her one night she just
paused and looked at us then said “guys, I need to get baptized. I’m
tired of going church to church I just want to stay in this one.” As
we’ve been preparing her for baptism we’ve been teaching her a few of
the commandments. She’s had some issues but at the end of each lesson
she just says “guys, all I know is that God wants me to be baptized.
What ever it takes I’ll just do it whether I like it or not” soo
coool. I love her determination and conversion to the Lord. She did it
all by herself, so proud of her. This Gospel truly changes people, and
can turn their hearts to God. Our inside motto with SIster Chauruka is
“trust God”. Her experience reminds me of what I read a few days ago.
In Alma 19 this is the story of when Ammon converts all those
Lamanites, including the king Lamoni. After they arose, being filled
with so much of the spirit this is what happened. In Alma 19:33 it

“And it came to pass that when Ammon arose he also administered unto
them, and also did all the servants of Lamoni; and they did all
declare unto the people the selfsame thing—that their hearts had been
changed; that they had no more desire to do evil.”

Many more people we’re teaching, and miracles are happening every day.
Just yesterday we extended 5 baptismal dates! So crazy! We now have 11
on date to be baptized in May.

I love the work, and the people I’m working with. I feel so blessed to
be where I am.

Much love,
Elder RobisonDSCN9945


Hey guys,

Life is good! Real good! Everything just seems to be good right now. I
don’t know, I mean I just feel very content, healthy, and happy. The
Lord continues to pour out his blessings upon us and we find new
people to teach everyday. We found 2 more pastors! Ugh, I’m seriously
getting so tired of these bible pastors who think they know
everything. They take up so much of our time. We don’t even really
argue. We just go through our message and then he just starts
interrupting to tell us we’re wrong because he thinks otherwise. It’s
difficult, but kind of funny at the same time. Like obviously they’re
wrong and I have scriptures to prove it but we just listen. One of
them after the lesson thought i was mad at him and he got scared
because of my size haha. Just last night one of them walked in the
room as we we’re teaching one of our investigators. After our lengthy
discussion he told Elder Billings that he saw him in a vision! He said
just the other night he dreamed he saw Elder Billings. He said in the
dream he saw Elder Billings was sick, and he went on to explain some
pretty weird things. After explaining his vision he said he was
worried for us and our well being, and tried to convince us that we
were in trouble….. Pfff hahahahaha. We don’t know what it means, but
I guess we’ll find out.

So yesterday we actually had a baptism! One of our investigators named
Charles. He’s a stud and was so prepared for that day. He plays
soccer, he dances, he writes music. So talented and so cool. He has
dreads too! My whole mission I’ve always wanted to baptize someone
with dreads haha. It was a great baptismal service and he was very
happy to finally make it this far. We’ve been working with him for a
long time so we were both so happy for his accomplishments.

Well some pretty exciting things are happening in our zone. Mbizo Ward
is getting split soon, Kadoma is getting a new branch in town, and
Chegutu will split before the end of June! The work here is really
moving! Our zone members are working so hard to reach their goals, and
people seem to almost literally be flocking. Last week at zone
conference we were commended for our efforts by the Stake President in
Gweru. Miracles really do happen. My joy can best be described from
the Book of Mormon. In Helaman 6:3 it says…

Nevertheless, the people of the church did have great joy because of
the conversion of the Lamanites, yea, because of the church of God,
which had been established among them. And they did fellowship one
with another, and did rejoice one with another, and did have great

Today we’re going to Harare for MLC. My 15th since I’ve been on a
mission. I’m finding such joy and peace in my work. It’s literally the
most satisfying thing I’ve ever taken part in. Definitely something to
be remembered.

Much love,
Elder Robison

In it, to win it.

Hey guys,

Well  few things happening in this small town of ours. Firstly we started teaching our gym trainer aka Mr. Zimbabwean. We gave him a book of mormon a while back and he was reading it! He has some question’s so we started our discussions… So sick! A few other things is we finally got the Chirenda’s to agree to be married! They will be wed and baptized on the 13th and 14th of May. Finally getting things going around here. We’ve actually been teaching a lot of families lately. Call me crazy, but we want real growth here. Well we’re actually going to have a baptism next week for two of our youthful investigators, and it looks like all of the couples are gonna have to wait for May. We also had 3 less-active couples attend sacrament meeting last Sunday. Pretty cool, since that’s been what we were working on too.
Last week was a little bit of the same old but there are a few funny experiences. There is a less-active mama who we’ve been trying to support, but nothing is working. Finally one day we took a member with us about her age to go and see her. When we approached her gate we saw the door shut and heard it lock! Her teenage daughter and little son were sitting out side and we asked where she was. The daughter said she’s not around then the little kid just points his finger and shouts “Ari Kunyepa!” You’re lying! She’s here! She’s here! He then bursts through the door and in to her mother’s bedroom then drags her out hahaha. He’s like 4 years old. She came out really embarassed but it was okay we had a good laugh about it. I don’t know if she’ll ever come back but let’s hope for the best.
Well more teaching last week. We met with the pastor and apostle last week again. Mediocre lessons, but they committed to read and pray. We actually met ANOTHER pastor, and we ran in to and started teaching the first pastor’s associate pastor! What the heck! Is everyone a pastor! The last two I mentioned were much more humble and we actually have some hopes for them. I mean seriously though this whole pastor thing haha. Last week one of our investigators told us he doesn’t want to be baptized anymore. It turns out he’s insane, he’s like 16 and told us he thinks he’s a prophet and he can do what he wants hahaha.
Last week there was an ET and Elder Condie has now joined the ranks of the Kwekwe Zone. He’s 6’6″ and is from Lehi, Utah. He went to a private school so doesn’t know anyone I know but he’s a pretty cool guy. He also likes basketball so already we’re in good books.
Another rumor about the church I heard last week was the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, meets in the “Latter parts of the day” haha. Someone legitimately asked if we meet in the morning or evening for that reason. Yeah, people here think we’re satanic hahaha.
Well I’ve got a busy schedule ahead of me this week. Interviews in Chegutu, Kwekwe, and Kadoma. Zone conference, Mission President’s interviews, preparing people for baptism. it’ll be fun!
Much love,
Elder Robison

Mixed Signals

Hey guys,

So to start off my email before I forget I want to tell you about a pretty funny story. Last night in our area we were heading back to our car when some little kids saw us. There were about 5 of them and they were not older than the age of 3. All of them looked a little bit scared of me, so I made a scary face and put my arms out like I’m the cookie monster going to eat them. All of them ran away except for one. She just looked at me, smiled, then ran straight for a gigantic hug hahaha. Whoops! She thought I was giving out hugs that night, super cute. Then the other kids saw how cool I was and we got in a huge group hug in the middle of the street. It kinda just reminded me of Monsters Inc. for a sec haha. I felt like Sullivan. Priceless.

It was a slow week for sure. Not a lot happening in the area. We’re still working with a lot of different couples and individuals. Yesterday was interesting though. Except for the fact that I got tackled by a bunch of kids, after church we taught a pastor, then an apostle hahaha. Yeah did I tell you? We’re teaching an apostle. Both seem to be a little hardhearted, but always willing to learn more and seek for the truth. I don’t like wasting my time, but it’s nice to have  a bit of a challenge sometimes. Both the Pastor and the apostle expressed to us they seek for the truth. Wherever it may be, if God reveals that it’s in our church, then they will follow.

Well it was kind of a boring week except for Easter. I can tell you of an experience that I told Mom about. I’ll just copy and paste haha. Well Easter was in full swing here in ‘babwe. It’s a massive holiday for the whole country. It’s really quite something actually, I;ll tell you. On Friday it was Easter Friday right? When Jesus was crucified. Friday morning as we head to our area, on the main road we see what looks like a mob of people. There was police and everything. It turns out it was just a Jesus March celebrating the death of the Savior. At the front of the group of people there was a man holding a massive cross on his back haha. It’s so funny how literal people can take scriptures here. In John 2:6 it says  “He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.” I’m guessing that was the purpose of their march haha.

Another cool thing happened actually. About 4 weeks ago we ran in to a guy named Tichauna. He’s the older brother to a former investigator, works at the main shops, and is about 20 years old. 4 weeks ago we got in to a great discussion with him as he wanted to know more about the church. We got in to a 45 minute lesson and it went great! We then asked him where he lives and he stays in the other Elder’s boundaries! Aww, “Oh well it’s the same church” is what I thought. We handed him over to the other guys and he progressed so fast! He came to church 3 times and was baptized yesterday. I felt so privileged to be a part of all that. He was just sooo prepared. He’s actually a renowned rapper in Kadoma and everyone knows him as TPM (don’t ask me what that means). Every time we pass his shop we say hello, and I’m just reminded of how the Lord really is preparing people for us in the world. We just have to do our part and reach out. I’ll put a picture below.
Well that was my week, not too exciting, but I hope it suffices.
Much love,
Elder Robison