What a week!

Hey guys!

The MTC is war. It’s 16 hours a day of just studying. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything else. I mean they’re training me for the field. The food is pretty good so don’t worry about that.
My new companion arrived a day after my last email and he’s awesome! His name is Elder Matare and he’s from Zimbabwe. We get up an hour before anyone else so we can jog in the mornings and go for a little workout. I beat the kettle ball record by about 40 reps btw it was pretty sweet. Elder Matare is a devoted follower of Christ and always wants to do the right thing. I really admire him for that and I love spending time with him. He is seriously such a good guy.
We went to the Temple the other day and it was beautiful! It’s a little on the small side but the outside is gorgeous. Unfortunately that was the only time I’ll be able to go for two years but it was really something else. I’ll attach some pictures for you to see.
Waking up and doing scripture study has really strengthened my testimony and I’m really excited to go out there and start teaching. I know I’m going to love it, and love the people too. I love the Gospel and I firmly believe that God loves us, and He has a plan for us to live with him again.
thanks for all the love you guys, miss you!
Elder Robison

Johannesburg, SA temple
Johannesburg, SA temple
MTC life
MTC life

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