1st transfer is over

Hey guys,

Last week was a busy one. We finally increased our teaching pool and are now teaching lots of lessons. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; the Book of Mormon has real power. We have an investigator named Esther who just loves the Book of Mormon, she reads it everyday. There is a huge difference between her then and now and I know it’s because of the Book of Mormon. Any unanswered questions that we have, or any doubts we have about the church, can be answered with faith. And faith only comes from reading the Book of Mormon, and doing everything we can to get closer to our Heavenly Father. Just because we don’t understand something, that doesn’t mean it’s not true, faith will answer that.

No baptisms yet, Masvingo is said to be the hardest area in the mission. The people we had scheduled for this month had issues that needed fixing and it’s just frustrating, but we should have lots in the month of December. We’ve met with some really solid people, and you can tell that they have been prepared by the Lord to receive the restoration of the Gospel.

I have to be really careful taking pictures here. I can’t take pictures while proselyting because of the extreme conditions here and a white guy taking pictures isn’t the best idea. So sorry for the lack of pictures lately, it’s been really hard.

With success it seems there’s always opposition. A young sister in our ward is going through a lot and is doubting everything that she’s been taught. She raises anti-mormon material in class and it really disturbs our investigators, and she does it on purpose to scare members and new investigators. I knew what she was doing so after class I laid down the hammer and told her to humble herself or I’m consulting with the bishop to kick her out. She’s going through a lot and I’m trying to help her but she is so hard hearted I don’t know what to do.

The work is moving forward, and I thank you for your prayers. May the Lord bless you in all your endeavors.

Elder Robison

Sorry no pictures of myself I promise to get you one soon.



Hey guys!

Nothing too interesting this week. We’ve been doing a lot of tracting because the members here don’t give out too many referrals. It did rain last week, but when it was over, it as hot. I’m seriously melting over here.

I did something a little crazy today. No where in the city of Masvingo do they do white guy hair cuts, so I got a sick buzz!!! I feel way better. I don’t know if it will stay but I really like it.

I’ve really gotten out of my comfort zone lately and I’ve tried to share the gospel with everyone who crosses my path. Everyone here goes to church here, so it’s really easy to open up discussions about Jesus Christ. It can be frustrating sometimes because they think that you just share the word of God, and nothing else. They’ll be pretending to listen and will be really confused when I ask them to make a commitment. I’m getting better at it but it happens seriously all of the time. Everyone here also knows the Bible, but have some pretty strange ideas about it’s meaning.

 I’ve been learning a little bit of Shona lately and it really helps people open up. They love it when I greet them with “Maka di’… how are you. Also I know when people are talking about me because “white man” is “murungu”. The people here are really nice, but the members need to learn they they’re missionaries too. They keep the Gospel to themselves and it can be frustrating sometimes.

So the city of Masvingo has only 4 elders, and we all live together. We are part of the Gweru zone which is like 2 hours away for zone conference and meetings so that can be annoying. I think that my morning jogs are paying off because I’ve lost about 10 pounds since I’ve entered the field.

Most of the members feed me rice, chicken, and potatoes. I thought I had to eat sodza everyday, just lucky I guess. I eat dinner in the dark most of the time because most of the members never have power at night.

I can really feel power when I teach when I teach investigators using the BOM. It is a powerful gift given to us to use in our times of need. It’s almost the first thing that I bring up to random people because I have recognized it’s power in people’s conversion. I read it everyday, and I know that it’s true.
I’m glad everything is going so well at home, I’m definitely keeping Ethan in my prayers for basketball.

PS Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!!!!
Sunset in Masvingo
Sunset in Masvingo

Month 2

Hey guys,

Masvingo is doing great. I’ve really been appreciating the cooler weather lately. No thanksgiving for me 😦 I almost forgot that Thursday was thanksgiving. There’s nothing instant here (surprise, surprise), so when we aren’t eating at members homes we have to put a conservative effort in to dinner at home with what we have. I think my thanksgiving was a PB&J haha. This place needs to adopt a thanksgiving.

So I’ve dropped about 15 pounds since I left due to the lack of food and probably the morning jogs. I’m also fairly certain that the heat has to do with some of it. I’m really starting to enjoy sodza. I’m going to have to make some for you guys when I get back, not sure if you’ll like it, but it’s really grown on me. Everything here is chicken, chicken, chicken. I think I eat chicken everyday. I’ve also probably witnessed about 7 chicken slaughterings haha. This place is already looking like home to me. I think it would be weird if I went back.

Masvingo, and the people here,
​ can be frustrating sometimes, but you just have to look at them with a loving smile. I’m very comforted in knowing that I’m right where my heavenly father wants me to be. I’ve witnessed some of the other services given by other faiths, and although these people believe in Christ, they are yet to receive the fulness of the truth. I’m very pleased and very honored to share these truths with those who I teach.

My Book of Mormon studies are going well and I can tell you that the power that it has in missionary work is real. My testimony of it and Joseph Smith’s calling is stronger than it’s ever been and I just want to share it with everyone. I’ve also recently read the book “Our Heritage” and I’m very humbled with the early saints sacrifices and am so grateful for Joseph Smith’s sincerity and devotion to the building of the Kingdom of God.

The mission field is something else and I can’t wait to experience more of it. Thank you for your prayers, you don’t know how much that means to me.

Love you guys,
Elder Robisonjonah the murungu.png

Month 1 in the books

Hey guys,

Month 1 is over and it was pretty great. We have lot’s of new investigators and the work is pretty smooth. The members participation is pretty lacking, but we’re finding an ok amount of people on our own efforts. So far for the month of November (since I got here) we have 1 baptismal date and for December we have 4, pretty exciting!

Every morning, my companion and I run roughly 4km… I hate it so much haha. We then go through our normal routine of studying and we enter the area at around 11:00. We normally have appointments, but lately we’ve had a lot of fall throughs. We have a car, but we are walking a lot, and it is really, really hot. For lunch we either get Sodza at a certain place, or we get Chicken Inn, or Pizza Inn, which is seriously a blessing. It’s basically a KFC and Pizza Hut right next to each other. We then get home at around 8:30 and do what ever needs to be done before bed, and then I just collapse. I am constantly just so tired. We don’t have an A/C and the electricity is off half of the day, so even though I’m tired I can never sleep.

The branch president and the rest of the branch is really, super nice. They love hearing about America, and love hearing me bear my testimony. We usually get dinner at member’s homes and surprisingly I haven’t had much sodza. And the members are actually like addicted to coke so I drink it all the time. Some of the members are hard to understand, but most of them are ok. I actually can never pick up the phone because of how hard it is sometimes to understand them haha.

So today I got to visit The Great Zimbabwe! It’s basically a tiny castle on a mountain that looks over a little village that was built like 2000+ years ago. It was so cool. There’s a resort here that one of the members works at and we got to get a tour. The monkeys and baboons run rampant here! I love it so much! The culture here is really unique and I’m actually really excited to get to know more. I’ll send some pictures.

In my studies I came across an awesome scripture in the BOM. I believe it’s 2 Nephi 28. It’s basically God’s testimony of the BOM. Could you believe that? I agree, why would you reject more words from God himself? Doesn’t He love all of his children? I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon too. I know that it’s the word of God, and I know that it was given to us to learn and to grow. The Book of Mormon can change lives as it has mine and I know that with that testimony of it’s truthfulness, we’ll come to know that; Joseph Smith really was a prophet sent from God, and this is the true church once again established on the face of the earth.

Love you guys.

Elder Robison

Chimping at the Great Zimbabwe.
Chimping at the Great Zimbabwe.
Jonah and his native comapnion
Jonah and his native comapnion