Hey guys!

Nothing too interesting this week. We’ve been doing a lot of tracting because the members here don’t give out too many referrals. It did rain last week, but when it was over, it as hot. I’m seriously melting over here.

I did something a little crazy today. No where in the city of Masvingo do they do white guy hair cuts, so I got a sick buzz!!! I feel way better. I don’t know if it will stay but I really like it.

I’ve really gotten out of my comfort zone lately and I’ve tried to share the gospel with everyone who crosses my path. Everyone here goes to church here, so it’s really easy to open up discussions about Jesus Christ. It can be frustrating sometimes because they think that you just share the word of God, and nothing else. They’ll be pretending to listen and will be really confused when I ask them to make a commitment. I’m getting better at it but it happens seriously all of the time. Everyone here also knows the Bible, but have some pretty strange ideas about it’s meaning.

 I’ve been learning a little bit of Shona lately and it really helps people open up. They love it when I greet them with “Maka di’… how are you. Also I know when people are talking about me because “white man” is “murungu”. The people here are really nice, but the members need to learn they they’re missionaries too. They keep the Gospel to themselves and it can be frustrating sometimes.

So the city of Masvingo has only 4 elders, and we all live together. We are part of the Gweru zone which is like 2 hours away for zone conference and meetings so that can be annoying. I think that my morning jogs are paying off because I’ve lost about 10 pounds since I’ve entered the field.

Most of the members feed me rice, chicken, and potatoes. I thought I had to eat sodza everyday, just lucky I guess. I eat dinner in the dark most of the time because most of the members never have power at night.

I can really feel power when I teach when I teach investigators using the BOM. It is a powerful gift given to us to use in our times of need. It’s almost the first thing that I bring up to random people because I have recognized it’s power in people’s conversion. I read it everyday, and I know that it’s true.
I’m glad everything is going so well at home, I’m definitely keeping Ethan in my prayers for basketball.

PS Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!!!!
Sunset in Masvingo
Sunset in Masvingo

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