A lot of cake

Hey guys,

Guess how many birthdays we celebrated this week. For members and nonmembers alike we ate probably about 3 cakes and we have one in the fridge. Yeah, I’m still losing weight, but it was a good break from bananas, mango’s, sodza, and bread. The birthday traditions around here are about the same, but the people here are crazy haha, I’ll send you some pictures.
Last week we celebrated a birthday for one of the other elders investigators. We sang, shared cake, and had a lot of fun She even accepted a baptismal date as well! She really is a powerful investigator and the other elders are doing a great job. As for us on the other hand, our teaching pool is great, but it’s been really difficult to get people to commit. So far it looks like we’ll for sure have a baptism this month, maybe two. and then another 2 it looks like at the beginning of January.
Last week I could really feel the spirit strongly as I diligently stopped everyone I saw. Our numbers lead the zone, but I think there is still room for improvement. per week we’re averaging around 90 contacts and it’s been really awesome! The branch here still isn’t much help so a lot of this effort is making up for the lack of effort shown from them.
Christmas season just isn’t the same without all of the snow and family. I guess I’ll just have to make do with what I have. The sisters thought I was kidding when I told them I would make a sodza man instead of a snow man haha just watch. We’ll get a little tree, some lights, we’re going to celebrate what little we can. We also got some Christmas videos we can share with some of our investigators, that’ll be cool.
Anyways the rest has been same old. Hope your guys week was good. Sorry about the late email this last week was nuts.
Much love,
Elder Robisoncake.png

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