Hey guys,

So Christmas is right around the corner! I’m so excited to talk with you guys! So there is an 8 hour time difference here, you should be expecting my call around 9am or 10am so that’ll be around 5pm or 6pm for me. Maybe earlier, just be prepared! I’ll try to make it a skype call but I can’t make any promises, I’ll see what I can do.

This last week was a rough one. We had scheduled a baptism for Saturday, but it didn’t happen. Hopefully he’ll show a sign of commitment. The work never stops though and we find new people to teach every day. We street contacted a guy named Tatenda last week and we had no idea how interested he was. To our surprise he came to church and accepted a baptismal date! He loves the Bible and the BOM has become his new favorite book.

I received some mail from Trinny last week, thank you so much Relief Society! That was awesome. No other packages yet though, I’ll probably receive it the next time I’m in Gweru. I can totally access my debit account here so Christmas money is much appreciated haha.

I totally thought of Natalie when I purchased the guitar. I bought it from another missionary (It’s really nice). I used it on Saturday for our branch Christmas party and sang some Christmas songs it was special.

Yes I’m bummed about Star Wars, but don’t say anything! When I call on Friday I want zipped lips! Also by the way, did you know that the Mission President at the Ghana MTC’s last name is Robison? We are both related to Lewis Robison so we’re related someway, somehow.

A lot of recipes that you’ve sent me won’t work because of one problem… milk. ALL the milk here is full cream. They let it ferment and get sour so I cant use milk :(.

I finished the Book of Mormon last week, and I’ve never been more convinced in my entire life about the truthfulness of the message it brings. I now know that for sure, Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, and I’m right where my Heavenly Father wants me to be.

Merry Christmas,

Elder RobisonIMG_0298.JPG


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