Merry Christmas!

Hey guys,

So this last week was a rough one do to the amount of people that actually stayed in Masvingo. On Christmas day this place looked like a ghost town. Skyping you guys really made up for it though. To top it off something amazing happened on Saturday. Raymond was finally baptized! I had the absolutely sacred privilege of performing this ordinance. When he emerged from the waters he just had a big smile on his face :). I’ll send some pictures.

The work never stops, we could have some more baptisms in January. I also may have a different companion starting next week. There is Spiwe, Esther, Alice, Tatenda, and Tawananyashi. I don’t know about all of them, but we are hoping for the best!

I found my new favorite food in the world. Last night, Elder Brooks and I wrapped some potatoes in some tin foil, then placed them in the oven. We have no sour cream or cheese, but we improvised. We used butter, salt, some bbq mince with garlic and some peri peri hot sauce. It was incredible! And cheap!

Not much else happened between now and when we skyped so this email is short. Just know that I am pleased to be seen as one worthy enough to enter a soul through the gate, making that way possible for obtaining eternal life. I’m so happy for him, and I know he’ll do great things.

Much love,

Elder RobisonIMG_0356.JPGIMG_0333.JPG


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