Off to a good start

Hey guys,

So I’m in Harare. Our area is called Damofalls and that’s where our branch is. We stay in Zimre Park and our district is in Ruwa… and no car haha. We’re trying to work hard nonetheless, but it can be challenging sometimes. Mission President said we should be getting one soon. Despite no car we worked hard and had about 40 lessons, 3 baptisms, and 140 contacts. We don’t mess around haha.

I got my Christmas package!!! Thank you so much everything is awesome. Once we get a car I’m going to get really fat, I know it. The Star Wars socks are sweet.

Surprise I baptized 3 people on Saturday! It’s a husband and his wife, and another father. People here in Harare just dunk I hear. The branch here is a little meeting house, and the font is outside in a tub. I got to baptize in a tub. They were all confirmed the next day, and I could see nothing but smiles on their faces. Their names are Kingston and Leah Katiyo, and Timothy Musarire.

Harare has everything I need. I got a replacement for my T-flash and I can get real milk! Everything here is seriously so awesome, and it’s a lot cooler. There is power almost all day so I never have to worry about that. There’s also a KFC! My Malawian companion is also the district leader in a district full of sisters.

In our meeting house there are a lot of cool people. I also met a return missionary who served in Kenya who knows Elder Harris! When I asked he just laughed and told me to say hi. I think his name is something like brother Mulumba or something like that.You guys should ask him next time at church. By the way you should totally send me a picture of Malawi’s pizza so I can show my companion. He got really psyched when I told him about it.

The work never stops in Harare, and I need to work as hard as I can to bring as many souls to Christ as I can. The Elders that stay in our flat are really experienced and are helping me a lot with understanding some doctrine. I’m so grateful for their great example to me, and their work in building the kingdom of god. I’m always in a good attitude here because I take comfort in knowing that I am always “On the Lords errand”.

Much love,

Elder Robison


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