Week 2 in Harare

The weather here in Harare has been really cool. My companion and I worked really hard last week and tasted the fruit of our labors with a car! Yup we have a car, and I’m the designated driver. It’s the only black Corolla in the mission, and it’s a manual. There aren’t any front shocks and Damofalls roads are rough, but I’m just grateful that we’re driving to be honest. We’re now making great time with our appointments, and we can go home later in the evening because we don’t need to search for a Combi.

The work is going well in Damofalls. We’re teaching like crazy with members and we have two more baptisms lined up this Saturday. Normally when missionaries are given a car there numbers go down, I don’t want that to be us. I don’t want to become lazy because we’re more mobile. President trusts me with this car and I’m going to take care of it.

Today we had a zone activity and we took a trip to the lake. We didn’t swim of course, but we had a good time. We got to bbq some meat and just relax while enjoying the nice breeze. This mission when I got here was very local (Not many American missionaries). A lot more should be coming in the near future I hear. Even this next transfer people say I could be training. I think that would be pretty fun.

My companion knows the Bible really well, and I know the Book of Mormon really well so together, we’re a force to be reckoned with. There’s one thing that I’ve found here in Zimbabwe. Everyone here knows the Bible, and we could go on and on all day about why they are wrong (if they’re stubborn), or just tell them what to do and what the Bible actually says, but I like a different approach. People here need to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon more than anything. Our unique message to the world IS contained in the Book of Mormon. I’m just bold enough to admit it as soon as I see someone, some missionaries are tentative at doing that. If someone doesn’t accept the Book of Mormon or the message that it contains, then we’re wasting our time.

The missionaries in Harare are all so fun. We all get a long so well and that bond continues I feel like when we strengthen each other in the Gospel and in our knowledge. I love discussions about the Book of Mormon or the Bible because I always learn something.

I love the Gospel and the peace that it brings me in my life. The time here is just flying because I just love the people here so much and am having so much fun. Just know that as confident as I sound, I’m really trying to humble myself so that I can put my trust in the Lord in where He wants me to go, do, or say. The work isn’t easy, but I’m trying my very best. We aren’t asked to be perfect, but perfect in trying.

Much love,

Elder Robison


The MTC buddies back together, Elder Allen and Elder Billings.



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