Month 5

Hey guys,

This week has been very stressful. It’s the last week of the month and we were all trying so hard to hit our goals. The adversary knew these things and decided to put some road blocks along the way. So we baptized 5 last Saturday and so did the other Domboshava elders so that brings us to 10. A lot of things happened this past week, but we managed to reach our goal for the month. As a result our zone baptized 28.

Among those hard things I was talking about, that included watching a recent convert be arrested. We saw her get in the back of the truck and she just waved at us. It was really hard, but I guess these things happen. The good news is it finally started to rain on this side. It kind of scared away the Zebras so I didn’t get to see any but that’s ok.

The truck in our area it turns out is an absolute necessity. All of the roads are dirt, and I have to basically kick in my off-roading skills to get to some places. IT”S SO SICK. It is just too much fun flying through the jungle on dirt roads. On our way to a members house we saw baboons swing above our car, it’s like I’m in a movie haha.

Since nobody is around on Saturdays, President Mkabelah lets us play soccer in our area. Lot’s of Missionaries come and we play organized teams from around the area. On last Saturday we finally won! I got to play a ton too. I’m absolutely atrociously out of shape, but I still managed to get a few touches and knock some people over haha.

In my studies I’ve really been focusing on D&C. And what I’ve been learning is really interesting. I’ve basically been coming across stuff I already knew, but now I can say that I have a sound understanding of church history and what it means to be a leader. The fundamental organization of the church could only have come from divine revelation.

I’m still having fun and things are still moving smoothly. There’s also something I noticed, after this transfer I’m becoming a sister and I’ll be left with 18 months. Where is the time going? I need to make sure I take in and write down every moment so that I can never forget. What I’m doing here is once in a life time.

Much love,
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Week one as ZL

Hey guys,

So I spent my first week as a Zone Leader and in my new area. Domboshava is seriously something else. We can’t contact people because no one has addresses. It’s just a bunch of farmland in the wilderness. Everyone we teach I don’t even have to use scripture, they just accept what we have to say and actually keep commitments like coming to church. The branch I attend another branch attends also. And for our two combined companionships we brought over 30 people to church and they’re almost all progressing towards baptisms. By the way my birthday is on a Saturday so just for kicks we scheduled some of the baptisms for that day.

Being a Zone Leader is kind of tough. You always have to set the example for everyone else and you always have something to do. We run errands in a zone where everyone is spread out, so lots of driving. Our area is like 30 minutes from where we live too, so that can be kind of frustrating at times. Like if we have to do something here at the office at 1:00 we just have to sit around or do something because we can’t go in to our area and come back, it’s too far. The house we stay in is really cool, but there’s a small issue. We never have water so we have to bathe at the transfer house like every morning. I think I’m getting used to sending indicators now, but I’m still learning this new assignment. My companion has been really helpful because he’s been on mission for a while and he isn’t dead yet.

I got a little bit sick last week, but it wasn’t enough to keep me at home. I was like really dead in the area due to headaches and a sore throat, but I just kept my head up. Now we’re really close to the basketball hoop at the transfer house, so I ball all of the time. Seriously I still have my shot. I hit like 12 3’s in a row today and everyone was watching it was insane. I also got my first real hair cut today. We found a guy who does white guy cuts and he was so proud of the one he did for me that he took pictures. After this transfer I’ll hit the 1/4 mark. MAAAN my mission is flying. I couldn’t be in a better place. I’m having fun, I love my companion, and I just love the work.

EEEESH what happened dad? Appendix?! You’re too old man you gotta quit ballin’ Ethan haha. I’m just kidding I couldn’t even really beat you when I left. I really am getting in shape though, you better be prepared when I get back home.

So glad to be here and I love you all so much,

Elder Robison

It’s a really bad picture, but now you can get a glimpse of my area. IMG_0566.JPG

Big news!

Hey guys,

So transfer news came and I have some big news. I’m leaving Dammafalls and am now the new Zone Leader in the Harare, Marimba zone! Weird right?! I was a junior companion, not even a District Leader. That never happens. I’ve got lots of new responsibilities and I’ll be taking the blame for the whole zone. The area where we’re working has really rough roads so we get a really sweet truck. I know that I’m really inexperienced still, but the Lord needs me to lead this work. Other missionaries are kind of mad about me becoming a leader so soon, but I don’t care. President wants me to change things around here, and I’m going to do my very best to achieve the vision that he has.

Dammafalls got kind of slow this last week, and some investigators stopped progressing, but I guess I won’t be there to see some of them baptized. I’m still in Harare and so I can still cook whatever I want, and now we have like triple the amount of gas coupons so everything will always be available to me.

I will now be working in an area called Domboshava, and I hear it’s pretty much just straight rural areas. Pretty no one speaks English, but they’re all very humble and are willing to learn is what I hear. I’m really excited to see what it’s like serving in this new area and I’m excited to meet my companion. His name is Elder Nyamuri.

KFC is still available to me and now I won’t be walking so I think I’m going to start gaining some weight haha. I get the same allotment, but now I think that it’ll be gone quicker.

Don’t get me wrong even as a Zone Leader, I’m still going to work. I’m trying very hard to stay humble, put my head down, and get things done. I’m still a missionary, but now my life will only be more stressful. I’m really excited to keep working, and can’t wait for what this mission has in store for me. I’ll be the youngest on mission, and in age zone leader, but I know that “whom the Lord calls he qualifies.” All that’s left for me is to get out there and try my best.

Always much love,

Elder Robison

More baptisms

Hey guys,

Last week was pretty great. We had 2 more baptisms on Saturday. It was the 2 kids to one of our recent converts. They showed up late on Sunday so they weren’t confirmed, but we’ll make sure they’re on time next week. The special part about this baptism is it was done by one of our recent converts! He received the Aaronic Priesthood last Sunday and was soooo excited when we said that he could baptize these 2 kids. He’s the one where you have a picture of me baptizing him. He’s still fairly new so he was nervous,  but he did a great job.

Last week it was interviews with President. He mainly just asked me how the area was doing, but he is just super awesome. When I told him that there is an issue of water at the branch, he stopped me and made a phone call right away to fix it. He also asked me if I would be capable if leading the area if my companion left, and I agreed, I think I’m ready. I haven’t been here too long,  but I feel like I could now lead the area. He’ll either send me another district leader, or appoint me to be one.

The rains have finally really hit us this week. There have been hot days too, but it’s really cooled down due to the rain and clouds. Luckily we have a car, but unfortunately they gave us a different one, a chevy. And it is a total gas hog. It’s quick and all, but I preferred the corolla. Both are manuals though, and I’m trying to teach my companion how to drive it as difficult as it is haha. You really have to find some patience when teaching this stuff.

I’ve been trying to gain more knowledge about this gospel like crazy, and my efforts are paying off. Still though, I have a long ways to go. I cannot get in the way of the spirit in the lessons, because he is the teacher. I can’t even do role plays because it’s not real. When someone has a real concern, it’s easier to listen to those small promptings of the spirit, and teach more convincing and powerful lessons. I do all I can to stay worthy of it and listen to it at all times.

Hmm… you’re right. Someone’s birthday is coming up. Is it mine?! haha. Really all I could ask for is that charger to the iPod, Chocolate, my new debit card, I dunno maybe some spending money, and I dunno anything you want really.

Anyways things couldn’t be going better for me. It’s transfers next week and we might see some changes, but that doesn’t change anything. Damofalls will still grow, and the work will always keep moving forward.

Much love,

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Month 4

Hey guys,

So you could say the month of January was a success! We had 5 baptisms with 2 fathers. On next Saturday we plan on baptizing 2 of one of our recent converts kids! Damofalls is a great area and I couldn’t be happier with the results we are seeing due to our efforts. We’re coming up on the last 2 weeks of this transfer and I would be so sad if I or my companion left because we are seriously working miracles here. I’ve also recently been told that there’s a really nice gym around here, I can’t wait to hit the weights again! I’m seriously losing so much weight. Miraculously my ball handling skills are still with me and I feel a whole ton lighter with my new weight. With some proper training I could turn in to a real baller again.

Last Saturday I had the absolutely sacred privilege of baptizing one of the sisters converts. The guy is super sweet and wanted me to baptize him so bad. When the service started it was pouring rain. Remember the font is outside so I baptized him while it was just raining like crazy. It doesn’t count towards one of our baptisms, but I was just glad I could be a part of it.

Since I got to baptize so early in to my transfer, I’ve been able to see the spiritual growth with all of our investigators. Recently one of them received the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained in to the office of a priest. It’s been so fun to help him with all of this and he’s so excited about his new responsibilities. We’re going to try really hard to make sure he can baptize these next two on Saturday.

My attitude towards things have lately been putting my trust in the Lord. I need to have more faith that he will put those people in my path who are ready to receive the restored gospel. Not that I don’t need to work, just that my faith needs to increase. Last zone conference, president Mkabelah really emphasized needing faith as a mission. My faith increases every time I indulge myself in the scriptures, and when I see the miracle of a convert. Miracles haven’t ceased, only our faith is lacking. It must improve in the near future so that we can really say as a mission we believe in miracles.

Much love,
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