More baptisms

Hey guys,

Last week was pretty great. We had 2 more baptisms on Saturday. It was the 2 kids to one of our recent converts. They showed up late on Sunday so they weren’t confirmed, but we’ll make sure they’re on time next week. The special part about this baptism is it was done by one of our recent converts! He received the Aaronic Priesthood last Sunday and was soooo excited when we said that he could baptize these 2 kids. He’s the one where you have a picture of me baptizing him. He’s still fairly new so he was nervous,  but he did a great job.

Last week it was interviews with President. He mainly just asked me how the area was doing, but he is just super awesome. When I told him that there is an issue of water at the branch, he stopped me and made a phone call right away to fix it. He also asked me if I would be capable if leading the area if my companion left, and I agreed, I think I’m ready. I haven’t been here too long,  but I feel like I could now lead the area. He’ll either send me another district leader, or appoint me to be one.

The rains have finally really hit us this week. There have been hot days too, but it’s really cooled down due to the rain and clouds. Luckily we have a car, but unfortunately they gave us a different one, a chevy. And it is a total gas hog. It’s quick and all, but I preferred the corolla. Both are manuals though, and I’m trying to teach my companion how to drive it as difficult as it is haha. You really have to find some patience when teaching this stuff.

I’ve been trying to gain more knowledge about this gospel like crazy, and my efforts are paying off. Still though, I have a long ways to go. I cannot get in the way of the spirit in the lessons, because he is the teacher. I can’t even do role plays because it’s not real. When someone has a real concern, it’s easier to listen to those small promptings of the spirit, and teach more convincing and powerful lessons. I do all I can to stay worthy of it and listen to it at all times.

Hmm… you’re right. Someone’s birthday is coming up. Is it mine?! haha. Really all I could ask for is that charger to the iPod, Chocolate, my new debit card, I dunno maybe some spending money, and I dunno anything you want really.

Anyways things couldn’t be going better for me. It’s transfers next week and we might see some changes, but that doesn’t change anything. Damofalls will still grow, and the work will always keep moving forward.

Much love,

Elder RobisonIMG_0558.JPG


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