Big news!

Hey guys,

So transfer news came and I have some big news. I’m leaving Dammafalls and am now the new Zone Leader in the Harare, Marimba zone! Weird right?! I was a junior companion, not even a District Leader. That never happens. I’ve got lots of new responsibilities and I’ll be taking the blame for the whole zone. The area where we’re working has really rough roads so we get a really sweet truck. I know that I’m really inexperienced still, but the Lord needs me to lead this work. Other missionaries are kind of mad about me becoming a leader so soon, but I don’t care. President wants me to change things around here, and I’m going to do my very best to achieve the vision that he has.

Dammafalls got kind of slow this last week, and some investigators stopped progressing, but I guess I won’t be there to see some of them baptized. I’m still in Harare and so I can still cook whatever I want, and now we have like triple the amount of gas coupons so everything will always be available to me.

I will now be working in an area called Domboshava, and I hear it’s pretty much just straight rural areas. Pretty no one speaks English, but they’re all very humble and are willing to learn is what I hear. I’m really excited to see what it’s like serving in this new area and I’m excited to meet my companion. His name is Elder Nyamuri.

KFC is still available to me and now I won’t be walking so I think I’m going to start gaining some weight haha. I get the same allotment, but now I think that it’ll be gone quicker.

Don’t get me wrong even as a Zone Leader, I’m still going to work. I’m trying very hard to stay humble, put my head down, and get things done. I’m still a missionary, but now my life will only be more stressful. I’m really excited to keep working, and can’t wait for what this mission has in store for me. I’ll be the youngest on mission, and in age zone leader, but I know that “whom the Lord calls he qualifies.” All that’s left for me is to get out there and try my best.

Always much love,

Elder Robison


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