Week one as ZL

Hey guys,

So I spent my first week as a Zone Leader and in my new area. Domboshava is seriously something else. We can’t contact people because no one has addresses. It’s just a bunch of farmland in the wilderness. Everyone we teach I don’t even have to use scripture, they just accept what we have to say and actually keep commitments like coming to church. The branch I attend another branch attends also. And for our two combined companionships we brought over 30 people to church and they’re almost all progressing towards baptisms. By the way my birthday is on a Saturday so just for kicks we scheduled some of the baptisms for that day.

Being a Zone Leader is kind of tough. You always have to set the example for everyone else and you always have something to do. We run errands in a zone where everyone is spread out, so lots of driving. Our area is like 30 minutes from where we live too, so that can be kind of frustrating at times. Like if we have to do something here at the office at 1:00 we just have to sit around or do something because we can’t go in to our area and come back, it’s too far. The house we stay in is really cool, but there’s a small issue. We never have water so we have to bathe at the transfer house like every morning. I think I’m getting used to sending indicators now, but I’m still learning this new assignment. My companion has been really helpful because he’s been on mission for a while and he isn’t dead yet.

I got a little bit sick last week, but it wasn’t enough to keep me at home. I was like really dead in the area due to headaches and a sore throat, but I just kept my head up. Now we’re really close to the basketball hoop at the transfer house, so I ball all of the time. Seriously I still have my shot. I hit like 12 3’s in a row today and everyone was watching it was insane. I also got my first real hair cut today. We found a guy who does white guy cuts and he was so proud of the one he did for me that he took pictures. After this transfer I’ll hit the 1/4 mark. MAAAN my mission is flying. I couldn’t be in a better place. I’m having fun, I love my companion, and I just love the work.

EEEESH what happened dad? Appendix?! You’re too old man you gotta quit ballin’ Ethan haha. I’m just kidding I couldn’t even really beat you when I left. I really am getting in shape though, you better be prepared when I get back home.

So glad to be here and I love you all so much,

Elder Robison

It’s a really bad picture, but now you can get a glimpse of my area. IMG_0566.JPG


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