Month 5

Hey guys,

This week has been very stressful. It’s the last week of the month and we were all trying so hard to hit our goals. The adversary knew these things and decided to put some road blocks along the way. So we baptized 5 last Saturday and so did the other Domboshava elders so that brings us to 10. A lot of things happened this past week, but we managed to reach our goal for the month. As a result our zone baptized 28.

Among those hard things I was talking about, that included watching a recent convert be arrested. We saw her get in the back of the truck and she just waved at us. It was really hard, but I guess these things happen. The good news is it finally started to rain on this side. It kind of scared away the Zebras so I didn’t get to see any but that’s ok.

The truck in our area it turns out is an absolute necessity. All of the roads are dirt, and I have to basically kick in my off-roading skills to get to some places. IT”S SO SICK. It is just too much fun flying through the jungle on dirt roads. On our way to a members house we saw baboons swing above our car, it’s like I’m in a movie haha.

Since nobody is around on Saturdays, President Mkabelah lets us play soccer in our area. Lot’s of Missionaries come and we play organized teams from around the area. On last Saturday we finally won! I got to play a ton too. I’m absolutely atrociously out of shape, but I still managed to get a few touches and knock some people over haha.

In my studies I’ve really been focusing on D&C. And what I’ve been learning is really interesting. I’ve basically been coming across stuff I already knew, but now I can say that I have a sound understanding of church history and what it means to be a leader. The fundamental organization of the church could only have come from divine revelation.

I’m still having fun and things are still moving smoothly. There’s also something I noticed, after this transfer I’m becoming a sister and I’ll be left with 18 months. Where is the time going? I need to make sure I take in and write down every moment so that I can never forget. What I’m doing here is once in a life time.

Much love,
Elder RobisonIMG_0592.JPG

One thought on “Month 5

  1. Lynne Davis

    Hi Jonah! This is your Aunt Lynne. I just read your most recent update. Congratulations on being a Zone Leader and on all of the success that you are having. I love the cute family in your picture. I am going to assume that the father is a little happier to be baptized that her looks! Ha-Ha! What a wonderful adventure you are having. It probably feels a little like Jumanji at times with baboons swinging above your truck! It is hard to believe that you have been out 6 months! As you probably heard, Dallin is leaving for Taipei, Taiwan on August 3rd. He is really excited to get out in the field and share the gospel. He graduates from high school on June 2nd, then a trip to Powell, (he will miss you!) and then he is off. He sent you an email from Thailand while we were vacationing there. Hopefully you got it. We are thinking of you and pray for you daily!




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