Hey guys,

Njedza is the name of the area in the middle of nowhere that we go to. There’s a member there that really likes to help us with our work and gave us lots of referrals. His name is brother Freeborn. He lives in the literal forest up the mountain and I think he lives in the Garden of Eden. He has bananas fresh from  the vine, guavas, oranges; just about anything you could want. He took us house to house meeting new people who really want to come to church. None of them speak English so brother Freeborn translated word for word everything I was saying which was really sweet.

On our way back from Njedza brother Freeborn took us to see the Zebras! They’re in our area, just off the side of one of the dirt roads. I’ll attach some pictures. That following Sunday we had 16 investigators show up to church. A lot were from Njedza despite the distance and they all want to be baptized. One issue we face though is marriage. In order for someone to be baptized you have to be legally married. We’re planning some weddings so we’ll see how they go.

So I think I mentioned that we play soccer sometimes on Saturdays. We beat a team pretty badly two weeks ago so last week they hired some players to beat us. Like why? haha it’s weird that they would do that.

Today we went on an activity with one of our districts to the Domboshava caves. It was way fun. It’s a beautiful hike and at the top you can see our whole area. Near the cave there are some ancient paintings done by locals thousands of years ago. When we attempted to enter the cave it was a squeeze, but it ended up being really fun and interesting because it lead out somewhere else. Over all the activity was a success and we all had tons of fun.

I’m still studying in D&C which is going pretty well. And it’s actually proved to be helpful in my new assignment as ZL. From what I’m seeing in my zone I think every one is going the right direction, maybe they’re scared of me I dunno. All I know is that I’m going to do the best that | can to turn things around here.

I’m doing fine and working hard. No worries (Hakuna Matata)… That’s actually Swahili for no worries 🙂

Elder Robison.


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