Birthday Weekend

Hey guys,

Last week was crazy, especially my birthday. We had another baptism (who I baptized on my birthday) and it was just a hectic day. Soon after the baptism I conducted my first interviews, which went well. Soon after that we played soccer against a team in the mountains. I even got to play and we won! My companion saved the winning penalty kick, so we’re both kind of pumped right now. We keep seeing Zebras so that’s insane, but I’ll take pictures when I see something new. That night I had a really awkward birthday experience. Some members invited us over on Saturday for my birthday, but when I got there things were rough. I told her to remember the cake and she forgot it at church. And to make matters worse we brought two other elders for cake. And the husband had no idea about any of it so he thought it was a normal visit and made everything super awkward. They made up for it on Sunday with a nice party, but it was still an experience I’ll never forget haha.

Today our zone was invited for the sweetest activity ever. Some members own a golf course and they invited us for free golf and pizza, SO RAD! I got to show off some of my golfing skills to some professional golfers. The ladies who invited us are actually professional and play in the Euro league. They helped me out a bit and now my swing is looking great! Afterwards every one sang happy birthday and I got dumped with water so I guess it was a good birthday after all. One of the ladies goes to the states quite often and has TONS of friends in Alpine. She goes every year in October. She had Kool-aid and American whip frosting for the cake. It was seriously the best activity ever. It’s weird that I don’t feel older yet, but I guess I never do when you ask me anyways so.

This week a general authority is doing a mission tour and our next zone conference is tomorrow. This time it will be Elder Carl B. Cook of the quorum of the seventy. I’m really excited for the message he has for us and the rest of the mission. There will also be a portion for leadership training which will be good since I’m still a new ZL.

I still have a long ways to go, but I’m getting there and the work is moving. Domboshava is a haven for missionary work and I feel so blessed to work with the missionaries I do including my awesome companion. I just realized something, after this transfer I have 18 months left. I’m becoming a sister! Any sisters coming in this next transfer are going home with me I guess so I feel kind of old now. I’ve stopped worrying about how young I am on mission because to tell you the truth new missionaries come in every transfer and I get to think that they have way longer than I do.

Anyways I hope home is fine and that the Lord continues to bless you immensely.

Much love,

Elder Robison.

PS sorry no pictures this time, I forgot my card reader… next time I’ll send you lots.


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