Hey guys,

I guess you’ve already heard that there will be a temple in Zimbabwe, Harare! I’m so excited for this beautiful country. The saints here really deserve it. How it used to work was members would have to get a passport so that they could get a bus down to South Africa. It’s a really long and exhausting process so I’m very happy that the people here can now enjoy the blessings of having a temple at their fingertips. I’m expecting some serious work to go down these upcoming months now that there’s going to be a temple here. President Mkabelah is also feeling very pleased at the news and also wants us to work very hard to get as many people there as we can.
These last few months I’ve dropped to about 195lbs 😬. I think it’s because of soccer. Almost every Saturday we play soccer and they love watching me play. I’m a good sport so I just go along with it. You know how competitive I am so I play super hard and I end up just sweating in the end. I’m also by far the biggest guy out there so getting aggressive can be fun. People will just bounce off of me as I try to steal the ball haha. It’s all good fun and it’s actually a really good contacting opportunity seeing that Saturdays are usually a joke in our area.
Our area is going really nice. At church we had 15 investigators at church and 7 of them were fathers. Our entire gospel principals class is just full of baba’s, either investigator or recent convert. President Mkabelah was very pleased to see the work we are putting in this branch. Hopefully we won’t see any hiccups as we try to lead them to baptisms. No baptism this week or the next, but the one after we’re expecting about 8. All are very humble, as is everyone in this awesome town, and they all are always excited about learning more. I can really see the Lord softening these peoples hearts and preparing their minds as we’ve found these people. Lately people have been very receptive and they’re all just inviting their friends to come to church.
Quick funny story a member left his phone on a combi and he stopped us as soon as it happened. So long story short we got in a car chase with a combi and ended up rescuing this members phone, pretty sweet haha.
So it’s MLC tomorrow and tonight we’re dining at Presidents house so all is well in Zimb at the moment. The members are pumped about the temple, and I’m even more pumped about the work.
Much love,
Elder Robison

I can’t remember if I sent this already or not :/
PS a new sister here knows the Davis’s. She’s from Alta High, her name is sister Walbeck.IMG_0691.JPG

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