A week of work.

Hey guys,

Domboshava has been really, really busy lately. We managed to baptize for people on Saturday, and with the new branch presidency everything was smooth. I really felt the spirit during the service and it was overall just good. If you remember I baptized someone on my birthday named Tinotenda. On Saturday we baptized his brother and his friend! They love the Gospel, and love sharing it too. We’re now even sharing with the whole family and people just keep flocking. The other two are kids who have been coming to church with certain families and just need us to teach them so they could be baptized. At the baptism even Tinotenda’s sister showed up and she now looks really interested. The names of the four that we baptized are Tanaka, Prosper, Raphael, and Russel.

This week we had limited time in our area, but we did our best and taught as many people as we could before the end of the week. Some sisters in our zone had an exchange with some STL’s and we had to drive them super far in to a place called Chitongwiza. The sisters there seriously live in a castle. When we arrived they fed us, but we didn’t linger. They wanted me to sing for them but I absolutely refused. These days I don’t entertain such things haha.

Our new Branch President is really sweet and very humble. We had our very first PEC and it was a total success. I think things could really change for the better here in Domboshava. I don’t see why we couldn’t continue having the success that we do. We just hit the halfway point in the transfer and my companion leaves his mission in June. He really wants to stay in Domboshava despite being there so long, because the members and the work is just so sweet.

Not much else interesting happened in Domboshava besides us just teaching and testifying. I made a new goal for myself to read the BoM again and in every personal study to read at least one page of PMG. It’s going really well and it’s helping me with my teaching. I think what works best here is to always just stay worthy of the spirit and testify from your heart of the things that you know to be true. It’s really worked for me lately and I love teaching using the Book of Mormon.

I’m still having fun, and believe it or not, I’m still learning and eating new things all the time.

Much love,

Elder Robison.IMG_0892.JPG


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