Conference Weekend

Hey guys,

This weekend was general conference for my branch. Saturday was super crazy. That morning we had to  drive to Marimba Park at 6:30 in the morning to do interviews. They all spoke English so I had to interview 9 people, yikes! Those Elders are really working, so I guess we were still glad that we got them done. Afterwards we had to get to Kuwadzana for interviews too. We ended up missing half of conference when we got back to Domboshava. When we got there a member who lives all the way in  Njedza was really sick. He need to come to a clinic all the way near the church, but he couldn’t even walk. We were put in to an awkward situation and during conference we had to drive all the way up there to pick him up and take him to the clinic.  We ended up missing like all of Saturday session :(. No worries we have all of the talks, but I really wanted to see it.

After church we had another baptism. Her name is Rutendo. She’s someone who we’ve been teaching in a part member family and her brother was given the opportunity to baptize her. After the baptism she gave a sweet and pure testimony which I was really surprised about. As a result of all of the interviews our zone hit our goal with 15 baptisms just this weekend. Last zone meeting we really wanted to pump every one up to hit our goal of 26 baptisms this month and it totally worked. They’re even telling me that they have more lined up for May. President says he’s really pleased with our progress.

As you may well know, we have a truck. It’s odometer reading is at 120 thousand km and the mission rules is to sell it after 100 thousand. President is thinking of selling it is what I heard, but they don’t have another truck which I’m worried about. Domboshava has no pavement haha. I guess we’ll just see.

An elder from the office took my companion and I to the coolest place last week. It’s a semi professional basketball tournament in Zimbabwe! I was so excited to watch some real ballin’. None of them have a shot, but they’ll sprint to the end and they can all dribble and jump so we got some dunkin’ action. I’ve started doing vertical training in the mornings so that next time we go I (the only white guy at the place) will just jump up and dunk it at half time haha. The place is outside but has a big roof with lights and when we got there it’s for members only. The guard at the gate outside the court looked at us and said “ah, men of God! Come in” haha. I guess teaching about Christ in this country really pays off.

So far my studies are still going good. I’m now in 2 Nephi and I found something interesting. Did you know that Lehi had daughters? That was new to me. I’m also starting studies in the Pearl of Great Price and it’s really helping me understand about the creation. The creation has been a popular subject lately so I need to study more.

Things are still fit and fine, I can’t wait to see you guys on mothers day.

Much love,

Elder Robison.

PS we also had a braii at the lake, so sick haha. (braii is bbq in Africa)


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