New Branch Working!

Hey guys,

I love my new branch presidency. They just absolutely love the work, and the progress of the branch. We’ve been struggling to help one father get married so that he can be baptized, and one of our members just decided to visit him and he solved everything. They keep bringing referrals for us to teach, so the baptisms will just keep coming.

This week is the last of the transfer so we’ve got to make it extra special. I don’t know how many baptisms we’ll have, but who knows what will happen next. My companion has been in Domboshava for 6 months and he’s entering his last transfer. He kind of wants to go, but he isn’t sure because he thinks being moved for 6 weeks is pointless. This will be the end of my 5th transfer, so I’ve been on my mission about 7 months. I’ll be working on my 6th planner out of 17. I’ve still got plenty of time to serve, but I guess I’m getting there. I’m not really a greenie any more.

Last weeks numbers were trash. We were hardly in our area. Some sisters wanted to do some exchanges on Thursday and Friday, so those days were ruined. They live just too far and we had to take them back and forth.

These last few days I’ve been a little bit sick to my stomach. I think it’s the kind of nutrition I’m getting. I’ve just been eating rice, beef, chicken, and sodza. I’ve tried balancing it by buying some fruits and drinking lot of water, and it has seemed to help. My companion went through a bit of the same so we were buying these things together.

In my studies I said that I’ve been back in the BoM. I’m now in 2 Nephi and I just recently read what used to be my favorite chapter. 2 Nephi 9, it talks a lot about the resurrection. I don’t think any other book in the world describes the resurrection like the BoM does. It lays it out so plainly, and the plan for us just makes so much sense. It’s sad when I hear people don’t even believe in life after death. It’s something that’s pretty unique with our religion. I can’t recall the verse but one of my favorite verses is there too. It talks about Jesus Christ being the Gate keeper. When you are judged, no servants are hired, it’s just you and Him. It’s a really powerful scripture and I’m having some investigators and less actives read it now and it really brings the spirit.

Sorry this one is short, that’s all that happened.

President didn’t tell us how mothers day is going to work so I have no idea. It’s on a Sunday but he could tell us to call on Saturday, I don’t know. I’m kind of frustrated but don’t worry, IIMG_0915.JPG‘ll probably call you by phone on Saturday to tell you everything.

Much love,
Elder Robison

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