Big News

Hey guys,

So many of you already know (because we skyped on Sunday), but as of this week I and my new companion are the new Zimbabwe Harare Mission Assistants to the Mission President. To this moment I don’t really know why I’m here, or how I got here, all I know is that I still need to work hard. So how this office has been functioning is there used to be AP’s a few transfers ago, but President really didn’t like the things that there were doing. There were also Flats and Fleets managers and a receptionist and a finance manager. There used to be six elders in this office. Then for the last two transfers President just removed the AP’s and the flats manager (Elder Gundani who is my new companion) was an acting assistant. Now he wants AP’s again so now we’re in a threesome in the office. My companion and I (the new AP’s) and Elder Shepherd who is the fleets manager. The Petersons have taken finance and reception now. This transfer is also the last one for my beloved companion so I think I’ll just list all of the new responsibilities that I have to take over and learn in about 6 weeks:
– Create a model area for the zone leaders to see.
– Learn the flats managers tasks meaning calling and fixing housing
– Doing indicators
– Learn every area in Zimbabwe
– Leading other missionaries
– Doing logistics
All these things on top of setting a good example for the new missionaries coming in and doing everything President asks me. He doesn’t like having a lot of missionaries in the office, so his acting AP’s will take over Fleets and Flats as well. This is going to be a challenging experience in my mission life. I just hope that I can live up to the potential that President sees in me.
This week was lots of work. We were going to bed at midnight and getting up at six every morning to do things. One cool thing that I got to be involved in though included picking up the new missionaries at the airport. I got to see their big grins when they saw the first missionaries in Zimbabwe. My companion told they’re going to remember that for ever. President Mkhabela really meant it when he told me he wants me to the face of the mission. He likes my attitude and my views toward everything, and he values my input and opinions.
One thing that I love about my companion is basketball! He’s actually really really good, and we like to play together all of the time. I’m pretty bad now, but from here I can only improve. Also please keep me updated on NBA I’m super interested.
This week we’ve been doing a lot of traveling and running even before 8 o’clock so I haven’t done as much scripture study as I would like. What I have been reading though is the Isaiah chapters in the BoM. Every time I read the BoM those chapters just blow over my head, but I’m really getting a firm understanding of what it’s talking about now. It really is a testimony booster to me that the BoM is true. Many of what is said in those chapters come alive before my eyes, and I can see Gods love for all of his children. I guess what Nephi said is really true, these things are to be understood in the latter-days. I promise that as we prayerfully read these chapters and even the rest of the BoM, the veil will be taken from our eyes and truth will be unfolded.
I’m still learning a lot, and I’m still sort of young on mission, so God’s plans for me I guess just keep taking off. The possibilities in this mission are endless, I just got to put my head down and go to work.
Much love,
Elder Robison.

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