Hey guys,

So last week even though I was able to email you, our pday was taken
away to do some things for President, so he gave us a pday on
Wednesday. We decided to take a trip to a place called Pamuzinda. It’s
a really cool resort with all sorts of fun things to do. The two
events that we chose were the game drive and elephant interaction. It
was really cool because it was only the three of us on the jeep, we
had the whole game park to ourselves. It’s a place where wild animals
just roamed free with out a care in the world. We first stopped by the
lions den, then off to see the rest of the animals on the reservation.
We saw impala, elant, ostriches, wildebeest, zebra (wasn’t new to me),
warthogs, and finally giraffes! Those are seriously the coolest
creatures. We were searching for them almost the whole time and near
the end when we thought that all hope was lost, there they were, a
family of giraffe. About ten or eleven giraffe all staring at us. Our
guide said it was safe to move out of the car to get closer so I went
on a little journey and decided that my pictures needed to look more
sharp. There I stood, in the midst of those giraffe just staring at
me, wondering what this “murungu” was doing.

After the game drive the deal came with a lunch. When we got off the
ride we relaxed and bathed in the sun for about 30 minutes so things
could be prepared. We then awoke to a man tapping us on the shoulder
saying lunch is ready and it was all set up on a porch on top of a
small creek with crocodiles in it. It was an awesome lunch, and the
view was breathtaking.

After lunch we then got to go see the elephants and play with them.
They were super friendly and it was all really safe. I even got to
feed them peanuts! At the end they performed a little show of tricks
and it was all just spectacular.

Sure enough play time ended and we had to get back to work. Work hard,
play hard, right? Basically all that my job has been so far is
checking houses, buying materials, hiring people to fix problems, at
the same time as leading by example and doing indicators and numbers.
President Mkhabela has really helped me out with my new assignment and
has already taught me many things about what it means to be a leader.
The last AP’s that he had really flunked at being leaders and by doing
things by example so he’s really hoping that he can trust me.

The area we adopted is called Borrowdale. The branch is really sweet
and compared to previous branches this one is well organized. We
already had a baptism today! One couple and also a sister. The
previous missionaries who looked over this branch did a superb job
finding these people, and the branch did a good job making sure these
people were baptized.

All of these responsibilities that I’ve been given have been
challenging and it’s all come at once. Making sure the mission is in
check, and on point. Well it’s not super exciting work, but it keeps
me busy. One piece of advice given to me by President was this, “When
you’re an assistant, you don’t have a life of your own. So forget
about yourself and get to work”. It reminds me of a phrase that just
keeps popping up in my head, “lose yourself”. I think to lose yourself
is to give, forget and never look back. It’s doing everything whole
heartedly without ever asking for anything in return. I and my
companions learned that lesson this week dealing with some frustrating
issues pertaining to missionaries. Sometimes we don’t have pdays, and
now I hardly have time to write to you guys, so I guess that Lord just
keeps asking more and more of me. It’s all fine with me, the reward is
the same, I just have to work hard.

Much love,
Elder Robison.


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