Conference Week

Hey guys,

This week was Conference week, zone conference that week. There was two that I had to attend to, the one in Harare and the one in Gweru. They were both very spiritually invigorating and I even learned some things. In the one in Harare I was conducting the meeting. It felt kind of strange sitting on the stand with President and not with my fellow missionaries. Some really powerful talks were given and the closing remarks were given by President. His talk was about focus, and he gave some examples of his favorite missionaries in the scriptures. Of course we all love the story of Ammon, but he really made it clear to us why Ammon knew why he was there. It was obvious, just as Ammon and his brethren were given the commission to bring souls to Christ, so too should we bring souls to Christ. Ammon went to the land of Nephi with a determination to bring as many souls to repentance as he could and when he got there he was bound and brought before the king. The king wanted to do away with him, then Ammon explained that he wanted to stay. King Lamoni was so happy that he wanted to give Ammon one of his daughters to wife, but Ammon said no I want to be your servant. “That’s distraction number one!” Haha, we all laughed when he said that. Ammon wasn’t on his mission to get married, it was to preach the gospel. Ammon’s faith was so great, and his focus was so narrow he was able to bring thousands to repentance and baptism, and in the scriptures it says “and they never did fall away”. If we can adopt this same mindset when we enter the field of missionary service, these people that we are baptizing should never fall away, less-actives shouldn’t exist.
After the Zone Conference in Harare, the next day we took a road trip to Gweru. As AP’s we took the necessary items with us so that we could prepare for the conference. As Flats managers we took a lot of brooms, blankets, plates and so forth so we could distribute those items on our journey. You know road trips are always fun when this countries police force doesn’t have cars and they stop working past five o’clock in the evening haha. We left at exactly five and we almost beat sunset getting there. I’m not a dangerous driver, I’m very cautious. There are many cattle on those roads and some people like to go as fast as you do, so you have to be very careful. Upon reaching Gweru we had to stay the night in the ZL’s flat. The ZL’s in Gweru are both of my previous companions! So we had a good time staying over and seeing each other after so long. The next day was conference again and it was just as powerful. I think it’s actually a good thing to listen to some of those remarks twice, the message really sticks with you after that.
After zone conference, straight to Bulawayo! We had to take care of some things there yesterday. That’s why I’m coming to you on a Sunday instead of Saturday. Our Saturday was spent in “Blues” is what everyone calls it. It’s the only major city in Zimbabwe that speaks Ndebele. The atmosphere there is just really different. It’s always super hot and the people there just know how to have fun. After a half fun half work preparation day, we headed back to Harare last night. We didn’t get back until late so we decided to email you today.
So like you stated in an email that I received recently, I just turned 9 months on my mission. Where has the time gone? I guess it’s just been spent working hard and serving the Lord. Of course I miss home (and especially Lake Powell), but this is where the Lord needs me. I thought I would miss Lake Powell more than I am. That was something I was going to miss. I guess my focus is where it needs to be. When I’m working hard I don’t really miss anything about home. My focus is on my purpose as a missionary, and although at times it’s not to invite others to come unto Christ, I still feel like my contributions are just as valid. I started my mission with 24 months to go and now it’s down to 15. It just seems like I’m taking it one week at a time, and I know with that mindset, I can finish my mission strong.

Well I hope things are well. It looks like we both went on some road trips last week. Only my trip was just as hot without the boats and the water. Man Blues is hot!
Much love,
Elder Robison
Below are both conferences
In the one in Harare it’s the Bindura, Mutare, Harare East, and Marimba Zones
In Gweru it’s the Gweru, Kwekwe, and Bulawayo Zones.DSCN0213.JPGDSCN0203.JPG

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