Hey guys,

Pakaipa is what people here say, and unfortunately I hear it alot (It means life is hard). It’s true things are definitely tough for Zimbabweans right now. This poor country is just out of money and the people here are finally just sick of it. There have been a few riots these last few days, but nothing to worry about. They’ve mostly been peaceful. Today was supposed to be another demonstration, but I guess people just didn’t bother. I really feel for the people here, I can feel their frustration and patience. They’ve gone through so much and have improved so little it’s really just painful. Every day I have to deal with at least one person telling me they have no money please help me. It saddens me that I just can’t help them.
On other notes I’ve really been enjoying my mission. Like seriously, I don’t even miss home (sorry guys) haha. Of course I do every now and then, but the office is just too much work to even think about yourself fir one second. I think I’ve finally reached that point my mission where I’ve really hit that stride, that groove. My teaching skills aren’t what they used to be I can’t lie, but I still have fun doing it. Those few lessons that we can squeeze in to a week are really awesome. They’re like deep breathes. i always feel good coming out of lessons. My companion and I just pat each other on the backs and tell each other that the office isn’t for ever. My companion has been in here for nearly 9 months! My mission looks like it’s headed that way (which I’m scared of), but hopefully I can enjoy every second of it.
I keep trying to find the right kind of guitar strings, but I can’t find any. Do you think you could send some in a small letter or tiny package please? The strings are Nylon I’m pretty sure.  Also please include one of those tools used for it to make my life easier haha.
Today was plenty of basketball! The Highlands ward is right where the mission office is so some return missionaries and some members joined in and we played some good games! It’s nice to see that my dribbling and my shot is still on point, but man am I out shape! That’s going to be a focus point when I get home. I actually am going to make it a goal to really get in to shape when I get home.
Recently people have been calling me “the chosen one” haha it’s really dumb, but who wouldn’t like to be called the chosen one every once in a while. People are now seeing that my companion and every one else in the office is leaving after this transfer and I’m left all alone to do everything myself. Really it was all because President liked me that he put me in the office, but I guess he saw the fore coming events of everyone going and thought I would be prepared for it. I actually really laughed when a missionary quoted this scripture for me “Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.” John 18:37. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think of myself as better than anyone else. In any case I actually work the hardest to make sure that the missionaries are doing okay and what they’re supposed to. I’m taking service to heart and that’s all I think about. I remain as humble as possible and hopefully people can see that I’m not here to just mess around, but really love and serve everyone. I know doing all of these things will only keep me in the office longer and I’m okay with that. Yes I’ve lost a bit of my tan and yeah, I’m getting kind of fat. As long as I’m focused on my purpose I’ll be okay.
I find comfort in doing the little things every day, and in the knowledge I have in the love and trust that God puts in the faithful. My favorite scripture is in Mosiah 2:22. God promises to all those who keep the commandments that he will bless them, and that they will prosper in the land. That’s all that he requires and that’s all he expects. He doesn’t care if you were an AP or a DL, we just need the mission to grow, and prosper.
I’m still working hard and as they say “keeping my head up”. What’s next is endurance… which is kinda hard because I’m kind of fat now but oh well, at least it’s not that kind of endurance hahaha.
Much love,
Elder Robison.

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