Hey guys,

My life? Well you can say that it can be stressful at times, but I think that I’m managing. I’m really excited for Dallin. Way to go! I know he’ll work wonders for the people of Taiwan, and the Lord will prepare so many people for him. I’m also kind of excited about him leaving ’cause maybe he’ll start writing to me haha. It’s kind of the truth though. People don’t really value emailing others until they’re on a mission as well. Missionaries like writing to each other that’s all I’m saying. I’m also excited to hear how he does in the field.
Have I ever told you just how inspired our Mission President is? I know that all Mission Presidents and their wives are chosen of God, and they can just blow your minds sometimes with the revelations that they receive. Now that I get to work close to him I can see the Lord really working through him to bless this mission, and this nation. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about him that I just love, is his love and mercy for missionaries. Missionaries at times, aren’t perfect. Sometimes we just have to realize that living mission rules isn’t easy, and he knows that. President always wants us to stay blessed and protected by our hand books, but he can’t help but just feel sorrow and nothing but love for those who are straying. People don’t know how much he has sacrificed for this mission, and what he does for them. All he gets is complaints, and ridicule. I can really see our president taking after the Savior in his leadership, and seeing that has helped me grow as well. He listens, he cares, and above all he leads us by example. This mission truly is blessed for having him and I hope he knows that.
I think I’ve talked about him before, but we’re teaching someone called Brother Thomas. He’s a white guy living in Zimbabwe and just loves hearing us preach the restored gospel. Anyways he and his wife want to be baptized on the 24th of this month. We’ve hit a barrier though and it’s because he’s a smoker. Although he doesn’t want his addiction to get in the way of his wife getting baptized, so she might be baptized with out him. We’ve been working with him, but you can tell the frustration he’s feeling that he can’t kick this habit. He see’s the need, and he wants to quit so badly, but at the same time we shouldn’t just rush it. We told him that over the next few days he should pray very hard to help him know what to do, and receive strength to fight this addiction. He is just the sweetest guy, I think by next time I’ll send you a picture of him.
Sorry this email is short, we’ve got business to take care of today. Nothing else really interesting happened last week so I’m kind of justified in writing little. My life just isn’t as interesting as it used to be haha.
Much love,
Elder Robison

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