I’m going on an adventure!

Hey guys,

Quote that movie haha. Well the adventure actually happened and it started on Monday by going to Mutare! It’s a large town 165 miles SE of Harare. It’s a beautiful place with all sorts of plantations, enormous mountains, and awesome shops. It’s really close to Mozambique so they have massive flea markets that sell all sorts of cool and imported stuff. President actually sent us to Mutare because there’s a doctor from South Africa named Elder Jubber who needed to see the hospitals there, and all President asked us to do was drive him and his wife there. After that we dropped off other materials for missionaries and we were free! The next morning we got to go see some of those flea markets. The thing that Mutare is known the most for is SHOES! They will sell them by the thousands and for super cheap. They were really nice, but nothing in my size:(. I guess there isn’t really anyone else in Zimbabwe who wears a size 13 haha. That was an awesome trip.
Next trip we took was on Thursday to a village named Bindura. There are lots of missionaries there and few hospitals so we took the same doctor there and back on Thursday. It’s only about 54 miles N of Harare so it wasn’t so far. We went on some exchanges with some missionaries on Friday, again in Bindura, because they had to interview 14 for baptism! A new area was opened so of course with that comes lots of excitement. President sent us to make sure that all of these people were really ready and not just rushed in to the waters of baptism. These Elders were teaching in a remote little village above Bindura called Stoned’en… or something like that. It’s a little like Njedza (my previous area). Nothing but thatched rooves and cattle in the wilderness. These people really were prepared, and they all passed the interviews. I’m actually really excited, it’s turning in to a little Mormon village. Everyone there is coming to church. It’s also really amazing to see the sacrifices these people go through to even come for Sacrament Meeting. They have to walk for 2 hours. It was a really amazing trip. It was also fun to be a bit of a foot soldier again haha.
We also have our own baptism coming up! Dawn Thomas is being interviewed today for her baptism on Sunday. I think I’ve explained a little bit about her, but I’ll just explain quickly. She’s a white old lady who lives with husband and we teach them both. She had surgery on her brain a few years back and is still recovering. I don’t know exactly how the baptism will go, but I really admire her courage. She can barely walk and she can’t even get in cold water and she tells us that nothing is going to get in the way of her baptism.
It’s been a while since I’ve quoted scripture, but I’ll give you one before I go. While I was reading in the Book of Mormon, I read 2 Nephi 28-33 and something really dawned on me. It’s amazing just how important the Book of Mormon really should be to us. The Book of Mormon was written for our day and we should really take advantage of that. Nephi was directly speaking to the Latter day gentiles and Lamanites and reconciling them to come unto Christ.  In 2 Nephi 33 it says…
9 I also have charity for the Gentiles. But behold, for none of these can I hope except they shall be reconciled unto Christ, and enter into the narrow gate, and walk in the strait path which leads to life, and continue in the path until the end of the day of probation.
10 And now, my beloved brethren, and also Jew, and all ye ends of the earth, hearken unto these words and believe in Christ; and if ye believe not in these words believe in Christ. And if ye shall believe in Christ ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ, and he hath given them unto me; and they teach all men that they should do good.
Man I love Nephi. So bold, and so simple. Just follow Christ and do as he commands. Nephi wants us to receive salvation, but even he knows that is only possible if we do all that is required of us.
Still love the work, and now more than ever do I also believe in Christ.
Much love,
Elder Robison
Sorry no pictures ugh. Someone is borrowing my camera and didn’t return it yet.

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