Handiskuda Kukupa Mari!!!

Hey guys,

More Shona haha. It means “I don’t want to give you money!” haha. Friday night, my companion and I went to town for dinner. We sat out side and ALL the kids starting just running to me, asking me for money. Normally I just tell them Handina Mari (I have no money), but they never believe me and just keep asking. Finally I just asked my companion how to say I don’t want to give you money and it worked! It may sound mean but hey, it’s effective. No more asking for my mari!

This week was a week of getting things done. Many items from the action items list were scratched off, and we are well on our way to improving this mission. The Epworth house is complete, the Mbare house is almost ready to move in to, the Enterprise house is well on its way, and the new transfer house now has a new carpet. The last thing that I have to do is to find cleaning ladies. Some have been found in Bindura, but that’s only Bindura, we need more. The mission is still climbing with it’s number and with these miracles we’re seeing in Bindura, we’re bound to hit our goal. This is a joined effort though, many zones though struggling now have put in the work necessary to be where we are. Much credit is owed to them.

Lately some companionship’s have been having some difficulty getting a long with each other. Last week we were sent to Chitungwiza to talk to two Elders who weren’t getting a long. We tried explaining the value and importance of companionship unity in the area, and how important it is so the spirit will work through us. After a short discussion they decided to reason with one another and settle their differences. I think I’ve told you that I’ve had some pretty good companions so far. We were always able to teach in unity and it has helped me so much with the work. Because of that I think I’m going to make some life long friends out of it. My companion really is my friend and I love him. Yesterday two of our area seventies Elder Ellis, and Elder Palmer had just arrived and were chatting in the parking lot. When they saw us they wanted us to greet them and the first thing Elder Palmer asked me was “do you love your companion” like an idiot I replied “well, I guess. It depends what kind of love do you mean?” They laugh and explain to me the love Jesus had for his brethren and I said “well in that case ya, I do love my companion”. In my opinion it is so much easier to love than to hate, and I’m grateful for that knowledge.
Today we went to Bindura again to drop some stuff off and help some of the missionaries. Woohoo… Pdays. But it was good, I enjoyed it. It’s a really beautiful drive, and portions of it are surrounded by billions of orange trees. They’re really good.
Nothing else happened this week that’s really worth telling you so I’ll just keep it to myself haha. Mission life is still really good, and I’m still enjoying it. To end this email I just share one small scripture. In Moroni 10:20-21 it says…

20 Wherefore, there must be faith; and if there must be faith there must also be hope; and if there must be hope there must also be charity.

21 And except ye have charity ye can in nowise be saved in the kingdom of God; neither can ye be saved in the kingdom of God if ye have not faith; neither can ye if ye have no hope.

To have charity is actually a commandment. But why? In the rest of the chapter Moroni actually goes on to summarize basically the New Testament, but why charity? Why is faith and hope not good enough? This is something I’ll be thinking about this week, What does it really mean to have charity?
Hope all is well, have fun in school. PEACE.
Much love,
Elder Robison.


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