Ndiri Kudzidza‏

Hey guys,
Ndriri kudzidza… It means “I’m learning”. Yup, this past week has been a tough one for me. A lot of pride swallowing and learning experiences came my way. My mission has really taught me how to cope with it though. I’ve been given some pretty good resources to be able to over come it. Best of all I’m now even able to learn from those experiences and learn how to be a better missionary, companion, and friend.
Eish so I can just tell you how it started. Lately I was put in charge of a mission wide one time cleaning for the missionaries houses. I had to call all of their bishops and explain to them that they need to find someone who could clean for us, for $20. It was a total mess and many people ended up not showing up and only half of the mission was clean because of it. Then the next day we drove to Kadoma to do some exchanges with the Zone Leaders. At our very first appointment we encountered someone who was possessed! That was the first time I had ever witnessed someone be possessed by a demon. During the lessons she looked like she was having a heart attack or she was choking or something. Then she ran inside the house and started yelling in Shona “in the name of Jesus come out of me!” I was really scared and was thinking the whole time… “Ahh come on give her a blessing, you have the priesthood!” When she ran inside though there was nothing we could do. We kept on waiting but we realized if we tried to sit her down she would start fighting, so we decided we would come back. I really got down on myself for not exercising my priesthood like I should have. I now know in the future if that happens exactly what to do.
Right after that encounter I get a call from President saying “Elder Robison you didn’t print those documents like I asked!” Eish… man I forgot. I was so disappointed in myself and I knew I had to improve. It was not a week ago when President took us to lunch, and they served us bad sadza. Then President told the waiter to tell the cook that it wasn’t good. Then he looked at us and said “if we never tell him, he’ll never improve”. That definitely came in handy for the rest of the week. I was able to look past my mistakes and improve.
The rest of the week was okay, just closing some missionary houses so I’ve had to deal with a lot of frustrating land lords.
This mission life has really helped me mature… a lot. I’m definitely a better person for it. I’m actually grateful for these great challenges that the Lord has given me this past week, isn’t that what this Gospel is all about? We knew coming down to this earth that we would face challenges, but the scriptures tell us that we rejoiced! Because God was going to give us a Savior. Someone for us to lean on, and depend on through these hard trials. So that in the end we can gain eternal perfection and be more like our Heavenly Father, and His Son Jesus Christ.
2 Corinthians 12:9
3 Nephi 12:48
Scriptures!!! <3<3<3<3


Much love,
Elder Robison.
PS Sorry no pictures, more next week! I PROMISE!!!

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