Same old, same old…

Hey guys,

“Your geyser is broken? Okay let me make some phone calls”. “What? you said your sink is leaking? Okay I’ll send someone right over”. “What you said you don’t have a fan? Well let me send one for you”. Yeah that’s my life in a nutshell. It’s just one phone call after another ranking from “we don’t have water” to “Our roof is leaking and our rooms have been flooded!” It’s hectic and it’s tiresome, but I guess I’m managing. Even this morning (after taking a cold shower because even our geyser suddenly stopped working) we get a phone call saying someone is stuck in the rain with a flat tire and no spare! Goodness so we had to go to the office and pick up another spare for them and drive all the way to Zimre to drop it off. It’s just a lot of things to handle at once. I’m actually really grateful for it because it’s helping me understand not only how to work with people, or how the world operates, but become a greater and matured individual. Lately it’s become a little routine for me to be running around all of the time, and you know me, I don’t smile much. So people are always wondering what’s wrong, but I just tell them “I’m good!” Just pushing. But I don’t know how much longer this steam engine is gonna last, it’s running outta juice! It’s putting a lot of wear and tear on me, so I’m kind of praying that I don’t have to be here much longer. After this transfer I’ll have spent literally half of my mission in here. That’s 5 transfers out, and 5 transfers in, it’s crazy. Zvaka Penga! Pakaipa Mdara!
So my companion is from Kenya where they speak Swahili, but he knows a lot of Shona! So he’s teaching me how to say a few things. He told me next time someone hands me a quotation that’s an absurd amount of money I have to say “Uri kufunga Ndiri benzi” It means “do you think I’m an idiot!” haha nah it’s kinda rude to say, but it’s a funny one to remember.
Well we don’t have a lot of investigators in out teaching pool, but right now we’re teaching a family called the Chitima’s. Just a sweet humble family, and a lucky find, living in Highlands. We have had such good crazy lessons with them. After teaching the Word of Wisdom, the father turns to his wife and says “You see? We’re eating too much meat!” We just chuckled and laughed. After every lesson Brother Chitima asks “So what’s the reading assignment for today?” This family was seriously so prepared by the Lord, they were so ready to receive this Gospel. We’re planning to baptize all 4 of them on the 27th.
Well that’s about it for the week. Just same old, same old. Old is good though.
Much love,
Elder Robison


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