Transfersssssss, and Zimbo Christmas!!!

Hey guys,

Man it was a hectic week for real. This week all of the new missionaries came in and everything went wrong. The missionaries flights were delayed, and the bus that was bringing in the trainers to pick the new missionaries up broke down, ugh. Nothing really went right, but I guess part of what being a leader about is proper planning, and decision making. You gotta kinda be quick on your feet sometimes and just make decisions so that meetings and stuff like that don’t get delayed.
Literally the day after all of those missionaries left is when we had to take off to Gweru for our Christmas Devotional. It was actually really fun! We had the respective zones prepare presentations and Choirs, we had a TON of food, and a white elephant gift exchange. You know missionaries, buying toilet paper and cologne and then wrapping it up in pamphlet boxes haha, oh well. That was my last Christmas devotional and thank goodness. That was sooo hectic.
After the devotional we made our way to Bulawayo. After arriving is when we found that there was no where for us to sleep! After the recent transfers the missionary houses were full! We managed to scramble two old mattresses from another flat and sleep on them in a house full of Elders with no fans! Have I ever told you how hot Bulawayo is? It’s blazing! It’s a scorching desert! Well the fun had to end and so we actually drove back to Harare today. We just had to take care of a few errands in the morning and then we were gond, about 6 hours to Harare.
Like I said in my last email Elder Gunther will be training this transfer and was just super excited. He’s a great missionary.
To end my email I’ll share with you a few things President shared with us at the Christmas Devotional. He really emphasized what we can do as missionaries to emphasize following the example of Jesus Christ. “Jesus Christ healed the sick, and so can you! Elders, you have the Priesthood! Jesus Christ would sometimes walk for days to preach the gospel, with out a car and so can you!” Everyone got kind of a crack out of that one. To end he shared with us a scripture. In 3 Nephi 27:21 The Savior says…

21 Verily, verily, I say unto you, this is my gospel; and ye know the things that ye must do in my church; for the works which ye have seen me do that shall ye also do; for that which ye have seen me do even that shall ye do;

Well I guess I’ll be talking to ya soon, stay safe, and Happy Holidays!
Much love, 

Elder Robison

A very spiritual week

Hey guys,

Well you can tell by the title of the email that indeed, my week was full of spiritual experiences. One of them being the baptism of the Chitima family, and Brother Thomas! He was just so happy that day. Through hard work, and extreme perseverance he smoked his last cigarette and entered the waters of baptism! The testimony of both Brother Chitima and Brother Thomas were so sincere, and so heartwarming. Brother Thomas’ wife was crying the whole time, she was just so overwhelmed with joy. People always say “we haven’t had this many baptisms in years!” We had huge support from the Ward the whole time, and the whole experience was just so special to me.
Today is also another crazy day, so my email is going to be a bit short but as I’m writing to you guess who entered the room? Elder Hamilton from the Area Presidency! This weekend the Harare Stake is splitting in to two and two new Stake Presidents will be called! The interviews were being done here at the office earlier today for the new Stake Presidents, so as I’m just writing here comes this man with a big grin on his face and says “Hello Elders! Good to see you!” It totally caught me off guard.
Well today is kind of a weird P-day. We had to take some people to the hospital, more missionaries were involved in car accidents. All of this happening at the same time as we’re trying to finalize the transfer sheet and the logistics before we send it out today! I’ll be able to see Elder Gunther for the first time in like forever. He’s been down in Bulawayo this whole time. He’s going to come to Harare to receive instruction on how to become a trainer!
Well things are really kicking in with the Christmas initiative and it’s getting lively down here. Our missionaries have gotten really excited about it and are passing those cards out everyday trying to share the Saviors light. It was even announced on the radio repeatedly what were trying to do, the members got really excited about that. What’s happening in Zimbabwe actually reminds me of an actual candle. That candle lighting other candles creating a chain reaction in lighting the whole world. I’ve gotten really excited about it.
Well that’s it for this week. By the way bond notes have finally come out. The lines at the banks haven’t gotten any shorter, and life for Zimbabweans hasn’t gotten any easier. I wanted to send you a picture of what they look like but I ended up spending them as soon as I got them, because they’re inflating already :/. I bet you could just look them up on the internet.
Anyways have a great week, see you on Christmas! Don’t forget to share your light!
Much love,
Elder Robison

Zimbabwe Harare Mission
65 Enterprise Rd
Zimbabwe, Harare
PS I always forget to tell you, did you know my companion knows Derrick Harris?! He served in my companion’s ward in Kenya, Athi River Ward hahah
PPS I have pictures of the baptism but they’re on another camera! I’ll see if I can send them tomorrow.