Hey guys,

So last week was a pretty crazy one for sure, and it started with more Christmas Devotionals. On Wednesday Bindura and Marimba zones had their devotional, then Thursday it was for Harare East and Mutare. Now Mutare was originally supposed to come to Harare for their devotional, but literally only the day before President was inspired to do something else. We changed all of our plans to head to Mutare which is about 250km away, and brought Harare East zone with us. After only one missionary vehicle accident arriving to Mutare we had our Christmas devotional, and I and my companion and two sisters had a piece! We sang “Come, Lord Jesus Come” from “Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World”. I brought my guitar and President really enjoyed it.

After the devotional the real fun began, we lit up Mutare! The real reason we brought everyone to Mutare was so that we could just flood the streets with flyers and pass along cards. The perception and image of the church in Mutare is really poor, President just felt so motivated to go down there and flood this light to the streets of Mutare. In fact he was so motivated he even lead the way haha. As our group of like 50 missionaries walked down the streets together President was stopping every Kombi and passenger in sight, telling them about the church. The objective of this trip was to get the idea of this being a “satanic church” out of their heads. So I made sure that every conversation I had, I used the name Jesus Christ and testified of his Divinity and love for all mankind. It was sooo much fun too see the work of God unfold in such a beautiful place.

The next day we did what President calls “Hit the streets!’ in another part of Mutare, and we had extra forces! We brought ANOTHER zone from Harare to join with us this day and we just walked every street we could telling people about the church. At the devotional President stated that we are “at war”. So we geared up and gave it every thing we had.

I and my companion actually did something rather funny. We saw a maaaasssive wedding taking place at a conference center. The main event was a loud sermon being given by a feminine evangelist. We just looked at each other and said “we have nothing to lose”. So I just confidently walked in to the complex and started giving people pamphlets haha. By the time I reached the doors to the main center where the preaching was happening I started telling the ladies who worked there about Jesus Christ. They were so confused! They were like “uh can’t you hear we’re listening to the gospel?” So I just boldly testified about Christ and his restored church, then they as I tried forcing my way in they just kicked me out hahahaha. SO SICK! I don’t think I had ever felt so alive! I think they were kind of angry that I would be confident enough to do something like that. Well I’m not ashamed, nor am I afraid of the message we share. This gospel is centered on Jesus Christ and he is our Savior. I love Him with all of my heart and I feel so privileged to testify of Him every day. Much like what Moroni says in Moroni 1:3 “I will not deny the Christ”. Maybe barging in to a wedding wasn’t the best idea, but I think what I was trying to accomplish was to prove to myself that the message that I share can be shared with anyone, never fearing and never doubting.

So that was my week, full of adventure! The drive was long and the work took place on Saturday so that’s why I wrote to you today.

Light the world!


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