House Hunting

Hey guys,

My oh my am I tired. So it was a lot of driving this week, plus a lot of things to do to get ready for the upcoming transfer. Out of the blue President decides that 3 new areas need to be opened and we need houses for all three, plus two more houses for already existing areas. My objective was to find and prepare all of these houses before the upcoming transfer on the 17th of January. Impossible?! Maybe! But I’m just going to do my best and see how it goes.

The whole process just takes forever. I have to find a house then get the landlord to agree to our lease so that we can start leasing it as soon as possible. Then we have to furnish the place and make sure everything is in place for the missionaries to move in. Finding these houses also included a lot of driving! More road trips! On Wednesday we drove all the way down to Kwekwe to see about renting 2 houses. Well it was a total mess, but as soon as we were finally able to come to agreements with the landlords our work was done. My companion actually completed law school before he came on a mission so that really helped. Then I told him how much of a Monopoly master I was and he just said “your’re on” haha. Yeah doing this business has really opened my eyes. After our trip we returned to the office the next day and Elder Selcho just said, “I don’t know how ya did it, to be your age and doing these things really astounds me”. It actually astounds me as well because it has really caught my attention. Although I didn’t always know it, real estate has really peaked my interest. I dunno maybe it’s something to think about for when I get home.

Well unfortunately I have to meet with a landlord NOW and have to take care of a whole lot of other stuff today, so my pday is kinda wasted. It’s okay though, business keeps me happy. As long as I’m doing the right thing I’m all good. I hope I got to answer all of your questions when I skyped on Sunday. I really loved the card board cut out! Please keep that for me haha.

Anyways I’m sorry this email is short, but duty calls. Hope you have a good week, and a happy new year!


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