Grindin’ it

Hey guys,

Sorry this email will be quite short. Got lots goin’ on today! And not very much to report about my week:(. So life outside of the office just like last week is in full swing! We’ve been putting in a lot of work to build up our teaching pool and find more investigators to come to church. I have seen the hand of the Lord in our efforts and we have found lots of success, but there is still room to improve.
Yesterday we brought in a few different characters to church. We had an ex-convict and a cripple in a wheelchair both show up to church with their wives. It was so sweet! I was so humbled by their sacrifice and magnificent character.
We’ve been doing a lot of driving lately to and from different cities in our zone for interviews. Pretty sweet! It’s kind of annoying sometimes but it’s a good thing! We’re bringing many souls unto Christ! Our goal as a zone for February was set at 45. We’ve got some high hopes!
Anyways today is a day of basketball, and soon we have to head on over to the bus station to pick stuff up for our zone. Life as a ZL is great! I’m loving the work, trying hard to set an example every day. I’m cherishing every moment.
So on Tuesday Elder Ellis from the Area Presidency is coming to instruct us on a few things so that’ll be pretty interesting. Tuesday is also Marin’s birthday! Happy Birthday Marin!!! All grown up! Have you gotten a ride in the stang?! haha.
Things are good, again sorry for the short email, next week I’ll have a little more time. PEACE!


Elder Robison


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