The Crew…

Hey guys,

Well  it was a good transfer but time flies when you’re having fun I guess. Elder Blignaut has been transferred to go and train someone in Harare, and I’ve been passed the torch in the Kwekwe Zone. It was a really fun transfer with a lot of stories to tell when I get home. I’ve built some pretty strong friendships that could even last past mission life. I could even dare say this was my funnest transfer since I’ve been on my mission. My new companion’s name is Elder Billings. He’s from my group! Remember when you dropped me off at the Salt Lake Airport and there was supposed to be another Elder there with me? Well he’s been here all this time and now the time has come and were are companions. My first American companion actually. I’m really excited to see what we can do for Rimuka during our time together.

Well last week wasn’t very eventful except for the wedding that occurred on Saturday. We wed two of our investigators. It’s the 2nd counselors younger brother. The most repentant, and humble human being you have ever met. Unfortunately they were not able to be baptized on Sunday, but on Saturday it was a very special wedding indeed. I’ve really grown to have a love for these people. I’ll send pictures of the wedding below.

Recently we had a training broadcast for all missionaries recently. The real broadcast actually happened in January, but you know, we got it on DVD’s late because well, this is Africa. Anyways we watched it and I really felt the inspiration that came from these men who sit on the missionary executive counsel. The change to our schedule really touched me, and I feel really good about it. The First Presidency, and the quorum of the twelve also feel good about it I guess. Sometimes I felt uneasy because I felt like some of the rules are for missions in the Unities States, but I guess they heard our cries and we have a more flexible schedule according to our circumstances.

Well the title of this email was “The Crew” because it’s kind of splitting up. Our district (that I sent a picture of us golfing) is split up, but those memories will be forever instilled in our hearts. Well this is the last transfer before I’m no longer a sister missionary haha. The sisters in my group are going home at the beginning of April. Getting there!

Anyways, not much else happened last week. We were very busy with interviews for our zone just traveling back and forth. Chegutu district baptized 14 in one day! We were up all night interviewing people haha. This mission is still on fire!

Much love,
Elder Robison

(No Subject)

Hey guys,

Well it sure has been a great week! Lot’s to talk about. So we can actually start with what happened today. This morning after getting back from the gym I was doing a few dishes in the kitchen. When I picked up one of the upside down pots, I saw a tarantula! Geez we’ve got tarantula’s in Kadomer’s!!! I mean, it wasn’t very big, and luckily my companion loves spiders so he calmed me down. It was a baby baboon spider, eish I did not like that haha. First one I’ve see since I’ve been in this country.

The next event that took place today was some GOLF! Yup I told you we were members of the Kadoma Golf Club so we just rented some clubs, got some balls and hired a caddy for like 10 dollars. It was so sweet! We just walked in to the complex and said “Yo can we play golf? And this guy with dreads, no shoes, and a shirt that said Jamaica on it walked up and said “You wanna play golf? I’ll be your caddy”… Ok haha. We went home straddled on some golfing gear and hit a 9 hole course. It was so much fun! I got a little burned, but it was totally worth it. I was a little rusty at first, but I soon got in to a groove. I’ve really improved! I got two pars, and I even chipped one in to the whole just outside of the green, sooo sweeet. We felt like total goofballs on the course but why not? This was probably the funnest Preparation Day I’ve ever had.

Last week was also my new zone’s first zone meeting. I’ll send a picture. So many sisters! Wow, it’s really quite a bit but I guess I’m handling it. It’s a sweet zone with a lot of dedicated missionaries. We’ve got some high hopes for this hot pocket in Zimbabwe. Me oh my is it so hot. And when it gets REALLY hot it down pours with rain soon afterwards. In my zone it covers three cities with a lot of gold mines, and I dunno what it is, it is just an oven here. Maybe I’m just overreacting because I left an air conditioned office like a month ago haha.

One thing that I’ve learned today is one of the ways the Lord can help us with our problems. It’s a little bit of a Shona culture to believe that when you make bad mistakes it’s because of demons, not because of you. People always ask about deliverance, and people here believe that Prophets or men of God are here to cast those evil spirits from us so we can continue making good decisions, or be delivered from sin. Well, it’s kind of my job to correct false doctrine when I come across it, and with perfect mildness I tried to help people understand the purpose of agency, or the freedom to choose. In Helaman 14:30-31 it says…

30 And now remember, remember, my brethren, that whosoever perisheth, perisheth unto himself; and whosoever doeth iniquity, doeth it unto himself; for behold, ye are free; ye are permitted to act for yourselves; for behold, God hath given unto you a knowledge and he hath made you free.

31 He hath given unto you that ye might know good from evil, and he hath given unto you that ye might choose life or death; and ye can do good and be restored unto that which is good, or have that which is good restored unto you; or ye can do evil, and have that which is evil restored unto you.

Agency is so important in God’s plan for us. The more we come to realize that, the more we come to more fully know the love that God has for us, and what this life is really about.

Well that was about it for the week. More lessons, more people. We’re preparing a couple, and one more candidate to be baptized next week! Hope for the best!

Much love,

Elder Robison

Only Jesus Can Save You

Hey guys,
So I’ll start this letter with a funny experience that I had this morning. So with the new changes to the timetable for missionaries. It allows us to leave the house at 8am. So this morning we had kind of a longer session at the gym (still chimping ya know) and near the end there was this old white guy who started lifting stuff. When we were about to leave, he says to us in his “American” accent, “Hey yer Mormon’s aren’t ya? Take these books, now I know I can’t convert ya, you’ve had the burning in the bosom. But I am here to testify to you that salvation can only come from the blood of Jesus Christ, and if you accept him as your personal Savior. There’s no church that can save ya, only Jesus Christ’ blood. I hope you have a change of heart” Well we were kind of just listening, and he didn’t really stick around so he left after his testimony. All four of us just looked at each other and were like “did that just happen?” Haha. I guess that’s what the view of the church is sometimes outside of Zimbabwe. I forget how ridiculed the “Mormon” church is back home.
Well after we did a bit of squash we made our way home. When we got home I read a little bit of that baptist preacher’s material. I said to myself “I don’t wanna judge, but only if this guy really knew, if only he really knew.” Sure he has plenty of scriptures to support himself, but is that really truth? In the long run is that really what’s going to bring you joy? Keeping God’s commandments out of fear of being thrust in to hell? Well I can truly testify to you that God lives, and he has restored truth again on earth. He has reached out his arm in love and again shown to us the doctrine of His kingdom. I’m grateful for Priesthood authority, and for the great privilege of seeing it at work on my mission. This is the true church of Jesus Christ. We don’t worship the church, we go because it is God’s kingdom once again established on the earth preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah. It is sad at times to see people falter because of blindness, and hardness of hearts. As a missionary I have always striven to remain as humble as possible, to allow the Spirit to work through me and be an effective advocate of the truth. This gospel is supposed to bring joy in our lives, it’s supposed to make us happy, “Men are that they might have joy”. That’s why we call it gospel, it means “good news”.
Another funny experience I had this week involved on of our investigators. He’s only like 10 years old, but he understands us so well and always comes to church. Well one day we made one of our visits and the mother said he was very sick. We walk inside and see him lying in bed. We could tell that he was in pain so we gave him a blessing then left. It wasn’t until we left that we realized he wasn’t sick at all! Some of his neighbors (who are some members) told us that he had been circumcised! Haha, we have no idea why it was done, or what the purpose is but it was still kind of something to laugh about.
Well my studies have kind of been all of over the place these last few weeks, but I did start to read the four gospels in the New Testament again. I can now see those events coming to life before my eyes. So yes, I Believe in Christ. I do accept him as my personal Savior (whatever that means), and I’m a Mormon. This work is true, and I testify that if you act on that faith that you hold dear that even in this world full of tribulation you can find peace.
The church is true!
Much love,
Elder Robison