PreBirthday Afflictions

Hey guys,

Well it really is my Birthday soon. Thank you everyone so much for the wishes! I was so overwhelmed with my inbox when I looked at it today. Truly, thank you so much. Yup it’ll be my last one before I get home, another milestone hehe. Anyways I hope I get to spend it well. The Elders in Kadoma are pretty sweet, I’m sure we’ll come up with something fun.

Well to get things started with this email it’s kind of bitter sweet. I’ll start with the sweet stuff, and then you’ll know why it’s bitter also.

Yesterday we had the great privilege of baptizing a man named Norman Chari. Brother to Brother Jakarasi, friend to many members, and had apparently been taught by missionaries before but just wasn’t interested. Well at the beginning of last transfer we were teaching his wife. After taking only a few lessons she really wanted us to meet him so that we could teach him too. He doesn’t speak much English so he always runs from us. One day we finally caught him and had a discussion with him. He then realized that we were trying just as hard to communicate with him in Shona, as he was trying with us in English. We began to teach him with his brother, and we later found that he’s had a pretty rough life. A smoker and a drinker, and has been to jail twice. Well he’s off parole, but still hadn’t gotten his life turned around. After our first lesson with him he promised to come to church with his wife and he came! He didn’t understand much at church, or during our lessons, but you could just tell how hard he was trying by the look in his eyes. He would just stare at you trying to grab every word he could. Well a few weeks down the road we taught him about the Word of Wisdom. He then explained to us his addiction to smoking, he would smoke about 15 cigarettes a day. But he said since he’s been coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon, and taking the lessons he’d already cut to only one a day without us even telling him that it was bad. He then committed to never smoking again and sure enough he never did. His repentance was so thorough and his joy was just overwhelming. He would always tell us just how happy he was. We then wed him and his wife and baptized them the following Sunday. Our last visit with him I had noticed how much his English has been improving and I asked “Brother Norman your English is so good, how did that happen? He then explained “It’s because of this book (referring to the Book of Mormon) I read it every day”. There is just an indescribable change within him, and his light is just manifest. People in the community are just asking “how did this happen? He looks so different”

Well that’s Norman. He was so happy to be baptized, such a changed man. And the bitter portion for this email is the struggles with transport, UGH. Our car had major issues and on the way to Kwekwe to get it fixed our car had a serious breakdown! We got it towed to Kwekwe and it won’t be fixed for like a week so it’s a LOT of walking these days haha. It’s two Kombi rides to our area and like two nights ago we had to walk home because our lessons were so late and it took like 2 hours! We got home close to 11:00 eish. I don’t know where else the bad news is. It’s kind of hard but you know me, I don’t complain. The work is still the same, still people to teach, still people to find.

Again thanks so much for all of the Birthday wishes! I feel so special, so many miles away from home. Well by the end of this month almost, I’ll be left with six months and you’re already asking me about school in January? Come on I gotta focus! Haha it’s okay but definitely soon I think that discussion will be taking place.

Still working, still praying. Keep the faith!

Much love,
Elder Robison


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