Birthday Weekend

Hey guys,

Thank you all again for the wonderful birthday wishes. I feel so loved from so many miles away. Well it was a pretty good birthday weekend. Me and the other guys in Kadoma had some fun at their new house. Those guys are crazy, they built a rope swing in their yard and attached it to a huge tree. It’s so sick! Then we just go so hyped I just decided to build a campfire pit, so sweet! We roasted wieners, some marshmellows, then topped it off with chocolate cake and caramel ice cream. It really was a good day. We had lots of clean fun.
Well it was also a good week because the same thing that was slowing us down last week (our broken car) was replaced with a brand new one! Straight from the dealership :). People are like “perks of the being a former assistant”, but I beg to differ! Haha it’s okay at least we get to work much more effectively now.
Last week was also zone meeting. I was given the task to train all of the missionaries on their purpose. We read the first few pages in PMG and I was reminded of quite a few things. During the next few transfers a lot of missionaries will be leaving the mission and President wants us all to be reminded of what our purpose is. One thing I noticed that it repeated a lot was something called an “Eternal Family”. It says that our job is to bring everyone to the knowledge that we are all a part of this Eternal Family, and that sharing this Gospel becomes much easier as we begin to see everyone around us as our brothers and sisters. It also discusses much about God’s Plan of Salvation, and the doctrines put forth for the salvation and happiness of His children. It then goes on to explain about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and how if we know what it truly means in our lives then our desire to spread this message increases. As I was reading my scriptures last week, I began to ponder about the Plan of Salvation a lot. I turned to lots of scriptures and then it just hit me. This plan, is just perfect. It’s just perfect. No flaws, no loopholes, just perfection. In Alma 12:30 it says…
30 And they began from that time forth to call on his name; therefore God conversed with men, and made known unto them the plan of redemption, which had been prepared from the foundation of the world; and this he made known unto them according to their faith and repentance and their holy works.
And there are so many more that testify of this great plan. To end this email I’ll share another experience we had, and actually something that I shared with President this week. This past week in Kadoma we’ve faced challenges, but of course have tried to learn from those experiences. Actually on Saturday we tallied up 9 fall throughs. Everyone we made appointments with either couldn’t make it or weren’t there, even our back ups weren’t there. Near the end of the day I just felt frustrated after only teaching one lesson the whole day. It was about 7:00 and I looked at my companion and said “I won’t give up! I won’t lose! There has to be someone we could see right now.” Well miracles were not wrought that night, but my spirit was still determined. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from missionary work is that the devil is at work too. I’m sure he wanted me to feel like a failure that night, and even after telling him I’m not quitting there still wasn’t anyone we could see. I now know that even when we pick ourselves back up he’s still at work. God wants to see if we’ll quit or not. My whole life I’ve hated the idea of quitting. So I’ll just keep moving forward no matter the consequences.
Well I love being a missionary, keep the faith.
Much love,
Elder Robison


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