Maxin’ and Relaxin’

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lame subject line. Does anyone remember where it’s from? hehe. Anyways this week was pretty solid we did lots of work and found lots of people waiting to hear the restored gospel! We didn’t see a lot of our old investigators, but quite randomly we found a lot of new investigators. Really as we just faced fall throughs we would just turn around and contact the next person we see or even ask the person who is there if there’s anyone else we could see. I could just see the Lord’s blessings pour out upon us as we endured our journey doing the Lord’s work. To a great surprise when we tallied our new investigators at the end of the week, we counted 25 new investigators. It felt like any other week, but like I said I think the Lord knew our struggles and now we have a lot more individuals and even families to teach.

This past week we were working in a part of our area called Waverly. It’s quite big, but it’s a little bit far from where the chapel is so not a lot of people are able to come to church. There are a few members who stay there and one of them is someone I have to tell you about. His name is Brother Jongwe. Probably one of the most hilarious and converted individuals you have ever met. When we get there he was preparing some sadza for him to eat. When he see’s us he just stands up and says “Ah! Elders of Israel! Um… uhh… Okay! No matter the food! Let’s bring souls to the Lord!” Sooo funny. He’s just someone who looooves missionary work. He took us to see tons of people who were ready for the restored gospel. Between appointments he’ll just stop people on the street and be like “Elders! This is my brother (not really his brother, but that’s what he calls everyone) he needs the restored gospel!” He’ll just stop them and then explain who we are then tells them to give us their contacts haha, it’s so funny! And so helpful too because it makes it easier for people to listen if their neighbor is testifying of the same stuff. He’s even memorized our number and gives it to people he see’s. We get random phone calls all the time now. It’s so awesome! As he’s walking down the street in front of us, I’ll just hear him say to himself quietly but triumphantly “Glory to the Lord”. That’s his favorite phrase! Glory to the Lord. When we see someone and start teaching them. I’ll explain a scripture, or start to testify of the first vision and then you’ll just hear “You see! That’s how it is! You see!” It’s just hilarious. When someone isn’t there for an appointment he’ll say “no matter! Let’s go fishing”. I could just go on and on.

Well I think you know now the kind of people we work with. I can probably tell you about one family that we’re teaching called the Takawira’s. Just a humble baba looking for truth. He was actually just a street contact, but when I explained what we do he got really excited! When we went to his house we gave him a Book of Mormon and upon our return he read the first 10 chapters of 1 Nephi! He then explained the contents of what happened as if he was actually there! We immediately extended a baptismal date and he accepted! Along with a visit to church on Sunday! Just goes to show that God is gathering his elect. Very prepared man. We are trying to work with the wife now, wish us luck!

Well though the week was eventful. That’s about as much as I could pack in to this email. Those were probably my highlights. Still strong, and still putting our trust in the Lord. Please keep sending me pictures!

Much love,
Elder Robison


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