4 Transfers left…

Hey guys,

Well like my title suggests today was transfer day and I’m staying! It
also means that I have 4 transfers left! Crazy right? I just read
Trevor’s email and he’s left with 3. Also what is up with everyone
growing up so fast?! I’m afraid when I get home none of you will be
recognizable. I’m pretty sure I’ll be the same way though. I’m not the
same 18 year old that hopped on the airplane in 2015… it’s now 2017
by the way. I’m kind of lucky though, a lot of my zone members are
really young on their missions so I’m still kicking! I haven’t kicked
mule mode since the windy’s!

Well it was a busy week. Not a lot of missionary work done due to all
of the meetings and general conference viewings, but I’ll share a few
experiences that I had. There was one young mom we were teaching last
week that surprised us with a visit to church on Sunday. My companion
met with her on exchanges with Elder Tsotetsi and she was kind of
upset. A lot has been happening in her life and she feels like she’s
been mistreated. She’s looking for direction in her life and thought
she would find it at church. When she was visited by Elder Tsotetsi he
bore powerful testimony of the power that Christ has in our lives.
When I and my companion came on our return appointment she explained
to us that all of her anger was replaced with indescribable feelings
of peace. She said when Elder Tsotetsi bore his testimony she just
knew in her heart what she had to do now. We gave her a date to be
baptized that very moment. The spirit was so strong and was confirming
such truth to her soul. Very tender moment.

We also had another great visitor come to church this Sunday. His name
is Avias. He’s a paraplegic from the waist down, and an Elder in his
Roman Catholic church. After hearing about our message of the apostasy
and restoration, truth just resonated in his heart. His faith was
enough for him to roll his way all the way to church last Sunday. His
faith was so great, as he listened to the Prophet and his apostles he
said he just knew this was true. It took great faith to leave his
responsibilities at his church. His friend used to always pick him up
on Sundays to go to church in his car and he said to him last Sunday
“Nope, I can’t go with you anymore, I’ve found the truth.” Cool guy.
He loves the Book of Mormon, and I’m excited for his baptism on the
30th of April.

Lately we’ve been facing some challenges with unity and functionality
in the branch, and it’s really been slowing down the work. Although we
have so many people to teach, it just is so hard to get them in the
waters of baptism because of problems of this and that. Our most
progressing investigators all can’t be baptized in the month of April
which means we won’t reach our goal. I’ve tried to come up with
solutions to the problems, and things are okay but it’s a little bit
slow. You know me haha I’m a little impatient. As I was contemplating
what to do I my mind turned me to the scriptures. I dunno ’bout you
guys, but for me revelation always comes through scripture. I found a
scripture that gave me the quite assurance that “what I was doing was
enough”. Although I won’t maybe see the end result of my labors, what
I’m doing is helping. If I just do my part I should be happy. In D&C
64:33 it says “Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are
laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things
proceedeth that which is great.

Well that about sums up my week. Still in Kadoma, still loving it.
Still loving the Lord’s work, never getting tired.

Much love,
Elder RobisonIMG_1874


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