Hey guys,

Well it’s been a pretty good week. We had lots of lessons, extended
lots of baptismal dates, we had a marriage, we had a baptism, and I
got to speak to you guys yesterday! Blessed. It’s been a very good
week and it ended on a good note. Today we even played golf!

Maybe I can start with the marriage. Brother and Sister Chirenda
finally got married on Saturday. It was a great success, and it went
exactly the way they wanted to. I’ve actually never seen Brother
Chirenda so happy. We had a few members show up and it was just really
special. Their baptism will be next week. We’re praying that they will
be ready by that day.

After the marriage on Saturday we visited a member’s home with our
District Leader to do an interview for her 9 year old son. Nkululeko
Shumba (Liberation Lion). He got baptized yesterday. He’s a super cool
kid who knows English really well so he made things very easy. His mom
is a very devoted member and loves teaching her kids the Gospel. She
has another 5 year old and a 1 year old. Next is her husband! We’re
trying to land some time to meet with him so he can be united with his
family at church.

After all of the success we had a bit of a lackluster turnout at
church, but it’s okay. I’ll still be patient with our work. I know
we’re doing our best and that’s all the Lord requires. Then I was able
to skype you guys! Sorry if I wasn’t able to answer all of your
question’s, I guess you’ll just have to ask them in person when I get
back hehe.

Today was another golf day. I should be grateful for that blessing
haha you’re right. It was kind of an off day until the last two holes.
On the last two I had a par 4 and par 3, Woohoo! That felt super good
after a long and disappointing day. It included a few cool putts from
far away.

I know most of this email you already knew but I guess it’s a good
overview in writing. Looking forward to this last week of the transfer
then on to my 15 transfer as a missionary… yikes.

Much love,
Elder Robison


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