Hey guys,

I’m leaving Kadoma! Saaaad, I’m gonna miss that place! I made some
great friends there. And what makes it even sadder is that we were
supposed to have 5 baptisms last Sunday but they all got delayed to
next Sunday so I can’t see any of my converts get baptized. It’s okay
now, because I’m in Bindura! This place is like… the same. It’s hot,
dusty and really small. My area is called Trojan. It’s a mining
community on a hill, it looks really, really cool. I’ll send some
pictures next time. Well the work here is kind of tough because Trojan
is pretty far from the chapel and there are hardly any members who
live there. Also my companion and I are brand new and so we don’t know
where to go or who to see! Pakaipa!

Well not much can be said, my time is limited since I couldn’t write
to you on Monday. On Monday I played golf one last time with Brother
Jakarasi! Soo cool. I’m really gonna miss that family. I think I’ll
just sum up my entire Kadoma experience with a few pictures.

I’m entering my final stretch! 3 transfers to go!

Much love,
Elder Robison


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