Hey guys,

So it’s been a heck of a weak! I’ll start off with one miracle that
happened on Saturday. There was a woman we contacted a while ago named
Mai Tino. We didn’t know how interested she was, but something kept
telling us to look for her. She lives in the depths of a village
called Manhenga like 45 minutes drive away from church. It’s a dollar
for a transport there, then a dollar back. Let me just tell you this
woman is my hero! We finally were able to meet with her. She lives in
a tiny room with two of her little sons. Her story is that she
actually has 6 children, and her husband ran away for her her to just
fend for herself. After the lesson she promised to come to church
before we could even invite her. She was so prepared! No one from that
side even comes to church because it is just so dang far! On Sunday
she was right on time! She is my hero!

More miracles! Trojan branch has been a struggle because Trojan is far
from town and that is where we meet for services. The branch is dead
haha. We had about 20 come to church last Sunday. It’s been like this
for some months, but that very day one humble soul decided to give the
sacrifice that other’s couldn’t, so Trojan is now going to meet in
Trojan again! It’s a miracle. And soon they’re going to start work on
a chapel! Yes! Prayers have been answered, and dreams fulfilled. No
excuses now haha. Everyone’s gotta come back to church!

A little bit of the fun side is we went fishing this morning haha.
Sooo siiick. The water was infested with crocs, and we had an old man
show us how it’s done! Bucket list Check!

Have Miracles ceased?! Moroni thinks otherwise!

Don’t doubt! Only believe!

Much love,
Elder Robison


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