Bindura Baller’s!

Hey guys,

So according to the headlines a lot of ballin’ has been happening.
Last Monday we went to a nearby University and played a pick up game
with some students and an old China man! After the game we invited him
to church and he said he’d come! So sick! I’m so bad at basketball
now! The next Saturday we were invited to play against some guys in
our DL’s area. They invited investigators to come play and it was
quite the turnout! I was still pretty bad, but it was a lot of fun! We
were then invited to play today against Bindura high school in a
scrimmage, we’re going to get destroyed! I mean, I hope not. We’ve
actually been winning our games haha. After every game we always just
talk to them and casually invite them to church or have discussions
with the missionaries, it’s a really great experience.

Trojan is still kind of an issue. People just aren’t comin’ out to
church! Members and non members alike. We’re really pushing it now! A
blessings to our patience we’ve been invited to attend the nearby
farm’s shed meeting. It’s where the whole community discusses issues
and we’ve been given some space to introduce ourselves in two weeks!
It’ll be so cool, and I think it’ll really help with the situation
that’s going on right now. People will have the chance to meet us and
know what we’re really about. It actually came as a blessing of
service. Last Saturday we offered to help one of our members in his
farm to collect his chibage. We loaded some bags in to the back of a
cart pulled by two big cows! On the way back we rode the cart and it
was just sweet! After helping him out is when we discovered he is
actually a village chief and wants us at the next shed meeting. Yes!
It’s unplanned service opportunities like these that can really build
trust and confidence with the members.

Well we don’t really have a lot of interesting things happening with
our investigators at the moment Things are kind of slow. I’ll let you
know when we have some upcoming baptisms! I know that despite the
disappointments we’re facing right now, we’re laying a foundation for
a brighter future with this branch. Because this area is probably my
last, I’m doing my best that I leave it all on the floor and have no

Stay blessed and remember to keep pressing forward!

Much love,
Elder Robison


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