Huku Murders

Hey guys,

Weird subject line right? Well it totally fits with what I’m going to share with you. It all started on Saturday when we traveled to a less active’s house. We’d never been there before, and we’d never met her before so we really wanted to see her. She was elated that we came. In fact so elated. when we were leaving she asked “do you like chicken?” I’m like “yeah”. She then reaches in to her chicken pen and man handles a huge chicken, ties its feet, and gives it to me. She then asked “do you know how to prepare it? Sorry I didn’t prepare anything for you, I guess you’ll have to prepare it yourself.” Hahaha, she handed me a live chicken! I named it Steve.
Long story short I killed Steve, took off its feathers, and took out its guts then ate him that very night. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I did it! Delicious! He put up a good fight, but I killed him dead. Huku means chicken in Shona in case you were wondering.
Enough with the stories back to the work! Last week was district conference and we have a new district presidency. I hope things can turn around here, because under the direction of the last district presidency, things were going very well. It kind of disrupted our attendance at church but bother Madya came! He came with one of our memers in his truck! Truly this man was touched, as he explained everything he learned. I can’t wait to see where this man goes!
By the way I’ve started a diet. I cut all sugar and carbohydrates from everything I eat. I gotta get in shape so I can go swimming when I get home haha. It’s working well so far.
As my time has been winding down I’ve really tried applying extra focus to making sure I serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I can’t die early, gotta finish strong. I didn’t sign up for 23 months, but 24. That’s what’s been keeping me going.
Next week is MLC, my 19th and last one. I’ll see some of those guys for the last time, then I’m outta here!
Much love,
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Week 100!

Hey guys,

It’s week 100! (I think, I dunno actually) It’s not like I’m counting or anything! The work here is in full swing, because the Lord has blessed us with another baptism! It was supposed to be next week, but there’s going to be a district conference. One of our candidates was ready so we pushed him forward a week. Everyone else will be baptized in September. Last week we had the privilege of watching Mathew Mavhura get baptized and confirmed. It was so sweet. We’ve been teaching him for a while. He’s 23 and is the father of one small child. The wedding took place on Saturday and it was quite the turnout! As we’ve been teaching him, his wife was never very interested. After the (sweet) marriage ceremony she watched him get baptized and I guess it caught her eye because she came to church for the first time yesterday! I’m so happy! The work never ends here. He was really just very prepared. He’s always eager to learn, and quick to observe. We feel very blessed.
Also someone else came to church yesterday. His name is… wait for it… William ROBISON!!! Hahahaha! He’s like 20 years old and doesn’t speak ANY English. When we got his name it made me laugh. I wanna baptize this guy so bad haha, that would be so cool. Lemme explain a little bit how names work here, it’s kinda confusing. When someone is born they take their family name (like us), but when they become 18 they have the opportunity to change their name. More than half the time they take their father’s first name and make it their last name. It makes family history so impossible! I think that’s what happened with this guy.
Had a bit of a miracle this past week as well. One day we looked at our teaching pool and decided something needed to be done. We carefully considered where we should do some finding and decided we should proselyte in Bawker Farm. Get this, our FIRST contact we teach this guy and his wife the Godhead at their house. His name is Brother Madya. Our first impression was like “okay, this guy’s weird”, but we decided to give him a chance. We scheduled a day to come back, and told his neighbors (who are members) to help him not drink that day so that we could teach him properly. On our return we see him very seriously seating at his house waiting patiently for us. We instantly felt the spirit and knew this guy was ready to learn. After the restoration he asks us “okay Elder’s where is your church? and what time does it start?” We were shocked! Truly the Lord has shown us his elect. We both felt very glad we could take part in such a spiritual experience.
That’s it for this week. Like I said it’s district conference next week, and I think we’ll have a new district presidency. Could be an exciting thing to see.
I feel your prayers, and am so grateful for your love and support.
Much love,

Elder Robison

Destiny Made Certain

Hey guys,

Well, this is it. The final countdown. We received transfer news on Saturday and it looks like I’ll be in Bindura until I leave. This is a good place though. I’m glad I wasn’t transferred because there’s still work to do! I don’t ever have to worry about transfer news again, because I’m looking at my last transfer sheet haha. 

Nothing super exciting that happened last week, but I’ve had, for whatever reason, greater resolve to focus teaching people using the Book of Mormon. Can I say it has helped a lot. I don’t even open the bible any more. To answer question’s I just use the Book of Mormon. Not only does it help people gain interest in reading it for themselves, but it’s simple to understand and sets forth the doctrines of the gospel so clearly even a toddler could understand it. We’ve faced our challenges and we’ve faced opposition, but I’m grateful for the power that God has put in our hands. I simply won’t back down whilst reading from it. If someone tells me they don’t like it and won’t be convinced, I move on. I am truly convinced that the Book of Mormon IS our most powerful and effective resource in conversion.
Last week we had a small miracle.  We had an investigator come to church on her own and hardly speaks English, but she looked eager to learn. We visited her house and we taught her our message and loved it. Last Sunday she brought two friends, and after church we visited her. It looks like she invited all of her neighbors too because we had 6 new investigators that day. The Lord truly is aware of this little struggling branch in Trojan, and because of our patience he has blessed us with great success. It was so fun to teach such a big group of people!
This week my former companion Elder Mwetu goes home. Man I’m gonna miss that guy. It really has hit me how far I’ve come. From such humble beginnings in the depths of Masvingo now here I am! haha. There’s also a Sister Missionary who finished her mission in my zone. Get this, I was her first, and last zone leader… pff haha. She to Zimbabwe when I was in Domboshava, and now she left. Man it’s really crazy how Sister missionaries can just come and go like that.
We’ve got some upcoming baptisms! I’ll keep you updated how they go. If not this week, then definitely next week.
Sorry for the short email. I can’t believe this is my last transfer! Can’t wait to see you guys!
Elder Robison

Sorry for no pictures. I had some with Elder Mwetu, and with that sister in the zone, but they’re supposed to send them to me and haven’t yet. SORRY

Mount of Ponderation

Hey guys,

Wow, well, where do I start? Well it was a pretty productive week. Our attendance at church isn’t quite what I wanted it to be. I’m finding difficulty in helping member’s see the significance in coming to church each and every Sunday. It’s hard to find families or individuals who come out to church EVERY Sunday. We’re still trying to make an impact, but that’s what we’re facing at the moment. We do have a few marriages/ baptisms lined up. We could have up to 3 marriages next Saturday. That could be a record haha. That would beat my previous record which is 2. It’s Brother Chigogo, Brother Mathew, and Brother Kudakwashe. They’re all father’s and have wives, but it’s been a challenge getting them to be interested in our message. These mama’s need your prayers. It’s no joke exactly what I was fasting for on Sunday. It’s funny because in the rest of the mission it always seems like just the opposite is the problem.

On Sunday church starts at 8am so that means I and my companion do our studies later. Yesterday we chose to do our personal studies on a mountain! We just drove up it (there was a road) and sat down and pondered the words of Christ. It was a beautiful scenic view of our area, and I was studying a lot about prayer. I read a lot of the words of Christ to see what he had to say about prayer. Often times he also prayed on mountains so… that’s why I studied prayer haha. As I was looking at our area from that gorgeous view, studying the scriptures my mind caught hold of something. It’s something I always knew, but I never really thought of it this way. In 3 Nephi 13 The Savior teaches the Nephites something similar to the Sermon on the Mount. He teaches them about prayer and how we shouldn’t be like hypocrites praying just to be seen of men. As I was reading I noticed in verse 8 it saysBe not ye therefore like unto them, for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask him.” Our Father knows our needs, but have we even bothered asking? Did you even think that our Father is just waiting to bless you, but all He requires is that you ask Him in humble prayer? It’s like me asking Dad “Dad, how come you never buy me ice-cream” He would then say “well did you ever ask me for ice-cream?” Such it is with prayer. ASK… and I promise you, you WILL receive. That’s how we receive revelation. This was a great experience, and I’m grateful for the things I learned that day. Trojan needs help, and my Father in Heaven knows what it needs, all I need is ask.

This morning we also went fishing, African style! You’ll see what I mean. It was a lot of fun.

That was my week, I only have 6 more to try and have something just like it!

Much love,
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Hey guys,
It’s back to Shona title lines because it totally sums up all of last week. Hapana means “nothing” haha. On Monday we drove to Harare and spent P-day there. Tuesday was zone conference, Wednesday was exchanges with the AP’s in their area, Thursday was interviews with President, Friday was interviews for the zone. Saturday was like the only normal day, but it was pretty dismal. On Sunday it wasn’t exciting to see it so empty! Not more than 30 came to church which was weird. I think it’s because we didn’t go to the are like all week haha. People need us! I guess it’s normal though. That’s missionary work! The ups and downs are all a part of the path to perfection. Sometimes God gives us weakness’s so that we can be humble and learn to put our trust in Him (Ether 12:27).

I know it’s boring since last week was so exciting, but quite honestly that was our whole week. I guess one cool thing is I went on exchanges on Friday with Elder Lin. He’s from Taiwan and can make LEGIT Chinese food. He was so happy when we told him about a Chinese mall in Harare. He brings dumplings to every District meeting. He’s always got a smile, and a joke to tell so he’s a lot of fun to be around. It was also fun walking around the China mall with him because I couldn’t read any of the label’s so I was always like “what’s this?” and then he’s like “that’s wasabi” or something like that haha. I took a picture, so I’ll send it at the end of the email.

Many of you know I’m currently training a new zone leader right now named Elder Silotile. Awesome guy, he’s seriously just a great companion. We love to have discussions on how we can help each other and it always turns in to real bonding moments. He always boasts that he’s going to be the one to kill me (be my last companion), but we’ll see, got one transfer left. Why would I leave though, that’d be lame. I’m loving this place. We’re really doing our best to help the zone out wherever we can.

I’m actually emailing you in Harare right now, for which looks like my 2nd to last MLC meeting. I’m also looking forward to my last zone conference.

I’m always so anxious to get out there everyday and see what the Lord has in store for me, I know that I’m here for a reason. Most of all He sent me here to be Elder Robison, no body else. I love that. I’ve always tried so hard to be myself wherever I’m serving, because that’s just who the Lord needs.

Much love,
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