Mount of Ponderation

Hey guys,

Wow, well, where do I start? Well it was a pretty productive week. Our attendance at church isn’t quite what I wanted it to be. I’m finding difficulty in helping member’s see the significance in coming to church each and every Sunday. It’s hard to find families or individuals who come out to church EVERY Sunday. We’re still trying to make an impact, but that’s what we’re facing at the moment. We do have a few marriages/ baptisms lined up. We could have up to 3 marriages next Saturday. That could be a record haha. That would beat my previous record which is 2. It’s Brother Chigogo, Brother Mathew, and Brother Kudakwashe. They’re all father’s and have wives, but it’s been a challenge getting them to be interested in our message. These mama’s need your prayers. It’s no joke exactly what I was fasting for on Sunday. It’s funny because in the rest of the mission it always seems like just the opposite is the problem.

On Sunday church starts at 8am so that means I and my companion do our studies later. Yesterday we chose to do our personal studies on a mountain! We just drove up it (there was a road) and sat down and pondered the words of Christ. It was a beautiful scenic view of our area, and I was studying a lot about prayer. I read a lot of the words of Christ to see what he had to say about prayer. Often times he also prayed on mountains so… that’s why I studied prayer haha. As I was looking at our area from that gorgeous view, studying the scriptures my mind caught hold of something. It’s something I always knew, but I never really thought of it this way. In 3 Nephi 13 The Savior teaches the Nephites something similar to the Sermon on the Mount. He teaches them about prayer and how we shouldn’t be like hypocrites praying just to be seen of men. As I was reading I noticed in verse 8 it saysBe not ye therefore like unto them, for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask him.” Our Father knows our needs, but have we even bothered asking? Did you even think that our Father is just waiting to bless you, but all He requires is that you ask Him in humble prayer? It’s like me asking Dad “Dad, how come you never buy me ice-cream” He would then say “well did you ever ask me for ice-cream?” Such it is with prayer. ASK… and I promise you, you WILL receive. That’s how we receive revelation. This was a great experience, and I’m grateful for the things I learned that day. Trojan needs help, and my Father in Heaven knows what it needs, all I need is ask.

This morning we also went fishing, African style! You’ll see what I mean. It was a lot of fun.

That was my week, I only have 6 more to try and have something just like it!

Much love,
Elder RobisonIMG_2243IMG_2259IMG_2265

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