Destiny Made Certain

Hey guys,

Well, this is it. The final countdown. We received transfer news on Saturday and it looks like I’ll be in Bindura until I leave. This is a good place though. I’m glad I wasn’t transferred because there’s still work to do! I don’t ever have to worry about transfer news again, because I’m looking at my last transfer sheet haha. 

Nothing super exciting that happened last week, but I’ve had, for whatever reason, greater resolve to focus teaching people using the Book of Mormon. Can I say it has helped a lot. I don’t even open the bible any more. To answer question’s I just use the Book of Mormon. Not only does it help people gain interest in reading it for themselves, but it’s simple to understand and sets forth the doctrines of the gospel so clearly even a toddler could understand it. We’ve faced our challenges and we’ve faced opposition, but I’m grateful for the power that God has put in our hands. I simply won’t back down whilst reading from it. If someone tells me they don’t like it and won’t be convinced, I move on. I am truly convinced that the Book of Mormon IS our most powerful and effective resource in conversion.
Last week we had a small miracle.  We had an investigator come to church on her own and hardly speaks English, but she looked eager to learn. We visited her house and we taught her our message and loved it. Last Sunday she brought two friends, and after church we visited her. It looks like she invited all of her neighbors too because we had 6 new investigators that day. The Lord truly is aware of this little struggling branch in Trojan, and because of our patience he has blessed us with great success. It was so fun to teach such a big group of people!
This week my former companion Elder Mwetu goes home. Man I’m gonna miss that guy. It really has hit me how far I’ve come. From such humble beginnings in the depths of Masvingo now here I am! haha. There’s also a Sister Missionary who finished her mission in my zone. Get this, I was her first, and last zone leader… pff haha. She to Zimbabwe when I was in Domboshava, and now she left. Man it’s really crazy how Sister missionaries can just come and go like that.
We’ve got some upcoming baptisms! I’ll keep you updated how they go. If not this week, then definitely next week.
Sorry for the short email. I can’t believe this is my last transfer! Can’t wait to see you guys!
Elder Robison

Sorry for no pictures. I had some with Elder Mwetu, and with that sister in the zone, but they’re supposed to send them to me and haven’t yet. SORRY

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