Week 100!

Hey guys,

It’s week 100! (I think, I dunno actually) It’s not like I’m counting or anything! The work here is in full swing, because the Lord has blessed us with another baptism! It was supposed to be next week, but there’s going to be a district conference. One of our candidates was ready so we pushed him forward a week. Everyone else will be baptized in September. Last week we had the privilege of watching Mathew Mavhura get baptized and confirmed. It was so sweet. We’ve been teaching him for a while. He’s 23 and is the father of one small child. The wedding took place on Saturday and it was quite the turnout! As we’ve been teaching him, his wife was never very interested. After the (sweet) marriage ceremony she watched him get baptized and I guess it caught her eye because she came to church for the first time yesterday! I’m so happy! The work never ends here. He was really just very prepared. He’s always eager to learn, and quick to observe. We feel very blessed.
Also someone else came to church yesterday. His name is… wait for it… William ROBISON!!! Hahahaha! He’s like 20 years old and doesn’t speak ANY English. When we got his name it made me laugh. I wanna baptize this guy so bad haha, that would be so cool. Lemme explain a little bit how names work here, it’s kinda confusing. When someone is born they take their family name (like us), but when they become 18 they have the opportunity to change their name. More than half the time they take their father’s first name and make it their last name. It makes family history so impossible! I think that’s what happened with this guy.
Had a bit of a miracle this past week as well. One day we looked at our teaching pool and decided something needed to be done. We carefully considered where we should do some finding and decided we should proselyte in Bawker Farm. Get this, our FIRST contact we teach this guy and his wife the Godhead at their house. His name is Brother Madya. Our first impression was like “okay, this guy’s weird”, but we decided to give him a chance. We scheduled a day to come back, and told his neighbors (who are members) to help him not drink that day so that we could teach him properly. On our return we see him very seriously seating at his house waiting patiently for us. We instantly felt the spirit and knew this guy was ready to learn. After the restoration he asks us “okay Elder’s where is your church? and what time does it start?” We were shocked! Truly the Lord has shown us his elect. We both felt very glad we could take part in such a spiritual experience.
That’s it for this week. Like I said it’s district conference next week, and I think we’ll have a new district presidency. Could be an exciting thing to see.
I feel your prayers, and am so grateful for your love and support.
Much love,

Elder Robison


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