Such a Great Cause

Hey guys,
Okay, lame subject line, I know. But too much happened this week I don’t know what to call it! Soooo little time, but to much to write! What I’ll do is I’ll share all the experiences we’ve had, then end with a cool experience in the area. Sound good?
So it started off with MLC, which was my last. Saying bye to some of the guys felt weird, because I feel like I’m still here haha. Then on Thursday we had Zone Conference, it was so good. It’s exactly what the mission needed to hear. President talked about Leadership, how it shouldn’t be viewed as a way to get gain or popularity. Rather it’s a position of service. President then called on everyone in the room and said “Everyone who served as a Zone Leader and is no longer so please stand”, then they sat down and said the same for District Leaders. Then he said “everyone who served as and Assistant and is no longer so please stand”, then everyone looked at me and laughed haha. It was funny.
Then on Sunday it was interesting The community centre was being used for something so we had to cancel Trojan Branch and go to Chipadze or Bindura Branch in town. Well our Branch Presidency hardly told anyone, and we were only told a day before so we warned as many investigators and members as we could and with much hope, no one came. Only a few from Trojan came, but no investigators. It’ll really hurt us this month because we were really hoping for another good turnout at church. Can it really stop a baptism though? If an investigator attends twice, then couldn’t come yesterday because it was in town, should we stop the baptism? I don’t think we do, and I don’t think we will, the work moves on. Really a bummer, but we’ll see how it goes for the month of September.
Last Saturday we had a baptism! Sister Dorcus. Just a very humble, and down to earth, motivated servant of Christ. Nothing was stopping her, she just had to be baptized. Because of church not being in Trojan she couldn’t be confirmed, but next week though.
Today we did something fun we went to some waterfalls. So fun! It was just like climbing those falls at Havasupai. I’ll send some pics.

We had a cool experience in the area. We’ve actually experienced success from using the Book of Mormon, and the Plan of Salvation. One such is it was around 5:30pm and our last appointment fell through. I really didn’t want to call it good, and I was tired of seeing some of our un-progressing investigators. At that moment we picked a spot where we could do some finding then I turned and looked to my companion and said “we’re not going home until we teach one more family tonight”. With such determination and fire we hopped out of the truck and confidently started talking to people. Our first contacts didn’t even want to shake our hands and pretended not to speak English. Frustrated, yet determined we continued and contacted some more people. Even after much persuasion another two people kindly rejected us and the Book of Mormon, then I asked “is there anyone you know who would like to hear this message?” They pointed to the next door house, so we made our way. Upon our arrival we talked to a young man and his friend. We explained our message to him and later we found out that his mom was the owner of the house. She came inside a few minutes later with her 12 year old disabled child and was so elated to see us. She’s a widow, and is a very faithful Methodist but finds that something is lacking in her life. Once she sat down, we gathered everyone in the room and taught a wonderful lesson about the nature of God, and how he sometimes gives us trials to test our faith. We got a return appointment and a whole lot of new investigators! It was just a sweet experience, and a true testimony to me about having the faith to find.

Still kicking, see ya in 2!

Much love,

Elder RobisonIMG_2346IMG_2353IMG_2374

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