Waters of Mormon

Hey guys,
Well, the Lord isn’t letting me rest, because there’s still lot’s to do, and He’s really making have to want it if I want to finish strong. It’s been a week full of challenges, but miracles at the same time. All week long we tried finding new investigators and it seems like it was to no avail. Like I said, I think the Lord is anxious to see if I’m really going to be faithful until the end. I had every excuse to be tired last week haha. It seems like our finding efforts resulted in a lot of rejection, and finding many people who just aren’t prepared to receive the Gospel. It really got to the point where I had to motivate myself then walk towards these men and ask “hey! Do you want to learn more about Jesus Christ!” I was so motivated, and sure that this time it wasn’t going to fail. Then we get the response “No”. Pff haha, that one hurt. Oh well, it’s the experience of every missionary to be rejected every once in a while.
Like I said though, this week was also full of miracles. We had another baptism last week, and we did it in a river! This guy stays clear out there, and it didn’t make sense to have him travel to town to be baptized, so we organized our very first river baptism! Thus the subject line being “Waters of Mormon”, His name is Lovemore Bengane, and he’s the younger brother to one of our other recent converts. Such a sweet guy, can’t wait for you to meet him before ya’ll come. He’ll be the last baptism before I go home.
We had another small miracle last week. One of our other Converts named Mathew has been going through a tough time. He’s been facing persecution from the farm about his new faith, even from his wife, and he’s trying to make end’s meet for his family. The persecutions died down and we were finally able to meet him again, and in the little English that he knew he said “I’m not going anywhere, this church is a gift, that I will cherish forever.” I’m sooo so so proud of that guy. Amidst all his trials, he held firm to the iron rod.
I’m now heading in to my final week as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I’ve done my best, and I’ve given Him my all. I’ve served God’s children, for that was my call,
Keep fighting the good fight!
Much love,
Elder RobisonIMG_1191IMG_1194IMG_1195

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